Basic AC Unit2

Arduino Controlled Air Conditioner

Introduction This article covers the development of an Arduino controlled air conditioning system. It converts an old school, in-window, air conditioner (AC) which was in a very hard to reach spot to an automatic system which can be activated and monitored from more »

Library Projects in the Visual Studio Arduino Build Tool

Arduino MegunoLink Pro Library, Visual Studio Arduino Build Tool
The Visual Studio Build Tool, bundled with MegunoLink Pro, supports Arduino library projects as well as Arduino program projects. What’s the difference? Well, program-projects get compiled and linked into programs: hex files that you can upload onto your Arduino using more »

Getting Started with Arduino Serial Monitoring

Arduino, Getting Started
Monitoring serial communications sent by a micro-controller, such as an Arduino, is one of the most common uses for MegunoLink Pro. In this post we’ll look at how to how to monitor serial messages sent by a simple Arduino program more »
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Arduino Ethernet Communication via UDP

MegunoLink Pro supports communication over Ethernet networks using the User Datagram or UDP protocol. UDP is a simple protocol which is supported by the Arduino Ethernet libraries and Arduino compatible boards such as the EtherTen and EtherMega, both from Freetronics. more »

How to detect lockups using the Arduino watchdog

Arduino, Tips

If an Arduino program crashes in the forest, will it make a sound? Unfortunately not. No blue screen of death, nor jarring squawk will alert you to the program’s doom. It will typically just quietly and unobtrusively stop running whatever robot, keypad or front door it is supposed to be looking after. In this article, I’ll show you how to use the watchdog timer to help track down the bug causing the lockup. more »


Getting Started with the Interface Panel

Getting Started, Interface Panel

MegunoLink Pro’s Interface Panel visualiser lets you create custom user interfaces with elements like buttons, textboxes, number boxes, and many others. Each element can be used to construct a serial message that gets sent to your device when instructed to do so. For example when a button is pressed a number can be taken from a numeric up down control, and sent over the serial connection to your device. You can see an AC Temperature Controller example on MegunoLink’s start page. Here we used our Interface Panel to set the current target temperature, adjust the hysteresis, and change operating modes. more »

5 tips for Arduino programmers

5 tips for Arduino programs

Arduino, Tips

A few random tips for Arduino programmers. We cover saving RAM by storing text in program memory, making your programs easier to read, a technique to avoid being held up in delays, the C++ ternary operator and the watchdog timer. more »

Arduino User Interface

How to Quickly Make a User Interface to Control Your Arduino Program

Interface Panel

Most Arduino programs have a few settings that you’d like to change from time to time: a set-point temperature, the data transmission rate, radio transmission power, … MegunoLink Pro’s Interface Panel was created to control microcontroller programs using serial commands and information entered into common controls such as buttons, check boxes and sliders.

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How to Update Interface Panel Controls from the Arduino

Arduino MegunoLink Pro Library, Interface Panel

MegunoLink Pro lets you quickly build custom user Interface Panels to control Arduino programs and other embedded software. Values in controls on an Interface Panel can be updated by sending serial commands from the Arduino to MegunoLink Pro. more »

Building Arudino programs with Visual Studio

Building Arduino Programs with Microsoft Visual Studio

Building Arudino programs with Visual Studio
After using a GNUMake script based on work by Martin Atelier for building a couple of large Arduino programs, I decided to have a go at using MSBuild, the native tool for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. Martin’s script has been fantastic, but GNUMake can be a little belligerent on Windows. So here is the first alpha version of a tool to use Visual Studio’s native build tool for creating Arduino programs.
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  2. […] MegunoLink team provides you several examples and documentation from where you can learn how to use the tool with the Arduino board, and at the […]