Wifi Garage Door Opener

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  • Raymond C

    Nice! Is there a plan to add a sensor to determine if the garage door is closed \ not closed?

    • Philip Rowe

      Hi Raymond, great suggestion for a future feature. At this stage there is no specific plan to add it though.


  • Adrian

    Hi, ive downloaded and configured the sketch with an IP on my local subnet and can ping the address however the webpage is not generated or displayed. Ive used a generic Wiznet 5100 ethernet shield and have run several tests with different sketches to verify ethernet and hardware functionality.

    When visiting the ip address it just shows a blank page (no errors or extra long loading times).

    What can I check to see why the webpage is not being generated?


  • adrian

    Figured out the problem with the blank webpages. You need to update to the newest version of webduino. However it was very confusing doing so as the webduino .h file is names webserver.h and the project file includes a webserver.h but it is not the webduino .h file. Need to change the new filename to webduino.h

  • Jack

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I have always wanted to have a wifi door opener on my garage door. Can this be used on electric gates ? Nice gate motors are what i use on my gate and garage door. anyone give me advice ?

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