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MegunoLink Pro’s Connection Manager visualiser allows you to manage UDP, COM, XBee Series 2, and text file serial data connections. Simply hit the add connection button to add a new connection, fill out the details giving the connection a name and specifying its options.

Once a connection is specified you can then point each visualiser to it using the selector at the top left of each visualisers tab. This means that when the connection is active this visualiser will be listening for commands relevant to it.

COM Serial Connection Settings

connection_manager_advanced_reducedIn addition to the standard settings which are compatible with the majority of platforms including Arduino, we also offer additional advanced settings. These include specifying the number of data bits, various handshaking schemes, and the specification of parity and stop bits.

The final setting is very useful with the Arduino platform. Several board including the Mega and Uno reset whenever you connect to their COM ports. By disabling the DTR signal you can prevent this from happening. This is great when you don’t want your system to reset every time the connection is made. The only issue to be aware of is that some boards such as the Leonardo and Esplora require the DTR signal for correct operation.


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  • Nel

    Hi i am using arduino 101 and i have issues in communicating between arduino 101 and megunolink. The sketch that i have uploaded on arduino serial monitor shows the gyro readings of axis x, y, z. I have followed all the steps here and the result on the megunolink monitor is blank..

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