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How do I plot multiple data streams at once?

Simply use the same channel name but a different series name. Each series can be enabled and disabled using the “show summary table” button found on the plotting toolbar.

How can I resolve a w5100.h error when compiling?

Go to the project properties page, find the Arduino tab and remove ethernet from the list of libraries. There is a bug which needs to be fixed. If you actually need the ethernet library copy the .cpp and .h files directly in to the project.

What is a suitable data rate for plotting?

We recommend a plotting rate ranging from 10-100Hz depending on your application. If you require a higher rate you could cache data and plot in blocks using your own timebase.

Which embedded systems are supported?

MegunoLink Pro will work with any micro-controller, in fact any system big or small, that can send serial messages. MegunoLink Pro will receive serial messages via RS232 and UDP (Ethernet).

The Arduino microcontroller has a special place in our hearts so we’ve build an Arduino library you can use to send data from your Arduino program directly to MegunoLink Pro.

Don’t feel left out if you’re not using an Arduino though. Let us know what other microcontroller platforms you’d like us to build libraries for. In the mean time, the Arduino library can be easily adapted to other microcontrollers. Our reference pages document the simple serial protocol that MegunoLink Pro uses.

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