Logging Data

Log to File

loggerUse the log to file visualizer to save all  all received data on a particular connection, either Serial or UDP.


Open a Log to File visualiser, select a connection that you have set up in the Connection Manager, choose a file and enable logging. Any data being sent to your computer on that connection will be listed in that file in the order of arrival.





Message Logger


The Message Logger allows you to separate messages from all the other data that is coming across the connection to the micro. These messages can also be tagged to further group and filter from other messages.


Open a Message Logger visualizer, choose a file, if you want to log only a single channel of messages then choose the channel before enabling the logging using the button circled in the screenshot.  Messages should be send in either of these formats:

channelName = "Secret"
{MESSAGE|data|Hello World!}


Arduino Example

This Arduino function allows you to send time and temperature separated by a comma through a specified message channel. This can then be logged and easily displayed in software like Microsoft Excel, FreeMat or MATLAB.

2 comments on “Logging Data
  1. Oren says:

    Is there an option to schedule a task, like schedule when a pin is high or low, let’s say I want to make a pin go high tomorrow at 12:00 and stop at 15:00, something like a timer ?

    • Phil Rowe says:

      Hi Oren, currently there is no functionality to support this. I suggest you implement it at the Arduino end using one of the various time libraries available. I’ll also add this to the feature request list.


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