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Monitor Visualizer

Like the Arduino serial monitor, MegunoLink’s Monitor visualizer shows you all the data sent by your Arduino and send commands to your Arduino. Data that’s received will be drawn in black; messages you send will be drawn in orange.

Like most of MegunoLink’s visualizers, select the connection you want to monitor using the connection drop-down on the visualizer’s toolbar.

Select text and copy it using the drop-down menu on the visualizer toolbar, or save directly to a text file.

Copy text when monitoring data

Copy some or all of the text in the monitor

If you turn on auto-scroll (), the serial-monitor will scroll to show new text at the bottom of the window as it arrives. You can also double-click in the text view to turn on auto-scrolling.

MegunoLink keeps track of the time that it receives each line of text. Toggle the time on and off using the Show Line Time and Show Line Date buttons on the visualizer’s toolbar. Click the clear button to discard the current buffer.

serial-monitor time stamp

Use the show-date and/or show-time buttons to display the time stamp for each line in the serial monitor window

Check out our Getting Started with Arduino Serial Monitoring article for step-by-step instructions on setting up connections for serial monitoring.

Extra Tips

  • There are a number of escape codes you can use including \n (newline), \r (carriage return), \t (tab), \\ (slash) and \xnn (send hex value, n=digit)
  • Carriage returns and new line characters, typically non-printable, are shown in MegunoLink’s monitor as left pointing and down pointing arrows, respectively.
  • Other non-printable characters show up as a diamond symbol.
  • The down facing arrow (autoscroll) on the toolbar toggles autoscroll. This prevents automatic scrolling as new data arrives.

Message Monitor Visualizer

The Message Monitor allows you to separate messages from all the other data that is coming across the connection to the micro. These messages can also be tagged to further group and filter from other messages. For example you could specify a channel as ‘Debug’ where only debug messages will be displayed.

Like the standard monitor, the text box at the bottom allows you to send manually typed messages, in this case, ‘HelloWorld!’.

The Message Monitor has one final trick up its sleeve, text to speech. Simply enable it using the speech bubble icon and speech commands will be read aloud.


Send a serial string in either of these formats to your computer:
{MESSAGE|data|Hello World!}
{MESSAGE|speak|Hello World!}
{MESSAGE|speak+data|So long and thanks for all the fish}

An example Arduino code function is shown for sending Messages to MegunoLink Pro (pass an empty string (“”) for channelName for no channel):

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