Monitoring Data


The monitor shows all received data on a particular connection, either Serial or UDP. Check out our Getting Started with Arduino Serial Monitoring article for step by step instructions.


Open a Monitor visualiser and select your target connection (already setup in the Connection Manager). Any data being sent to your computer on that connection will be listed in order of arrival. Incoming messages can also be timestamped using default (2015-05-12 19:58:05:) or custom options. Data captured by the monitor can be saved or copied for later use.

The MegunoLink Monitor also displays messages sent in the other direction, that is from MegunoLink to your device. In the screenshot these outgoing messages are shown in orange. The text box at the bottom of the monitor allows you to send manually typed messages, in this case, ‘HelloWorld!’.

Extra Tips

  • There are a number of escape codes you can use including \n (newline), \r (carriage return), \t (tab), \\ (slash) and \xnn (send hex value, n=digit)
  • Carriage returns and new line characters, typically non-printable, are shown in MegunoLink’s monitor as left pointing and down pointing arrows, respectively.
  • Other non-printable characters show up as a diamond symbol.
  • The down facing arrow (autoscroll) on the toolbar toggles autoscroll. This prevents automatic scrolling as new data arrives.






Message Monitor

The Message Monitor allows you to separate messages from all the other data that is coming across the connection to the micro. These messages can also be tagged to further group and filter from other messages. For example you could specify a channel as ‘Debug’ where only debug messages will be displayed.

Like the standard monitor, the text box at the bottom allows you to send manually typed messages, in this case, ‘HelloWorld!’.

The Message Monitor has one final trick up its sleeve, text to speech. Simply enable it using the speech bubble icon and each message received will be read aloud.


Send a serial string in either of these formats to your computer:

channelName = "Secret"
{MESSAGE|data|Hello World!}

An example Arduino code function is shown for sending Messages to MegunoLink Pro (pass an empty string (“”) for channelName for no channel):

8 comments on “Monitoring Data
  1. Claude Aflalo says:

    Hello Phil,
    In the last version (1.2.1505.1011), to be updated soon,
    in contrast with the previous version,
    the display of the ‘Message Monitor’ window looks like this:

    12345| TimesLi : 1160n
    12346| TimesLi : 1160n
    12347| Li : 2621.21n
    12348| Li : 2621.21n
    12349| TimesLo : 120n
    12350| TimesLo : 120n
    12351| Lo : 2.56n
    12352| Lo : 2.56n
    12353| ## Printing to : CSV Logfilen
    12354| ## Printing to : CSV Logfilen
    i.e., there is by default
    (i) display of line numbers,
    (ii) an echo yielding duplicate output for each line (note that the line number increases, though),
    (iii) display of control characters, here the new line (n), rendered by a down arrow.

    the items (i) and (iii) but not (ii), occur also in the display of the ‘Monitor’ window.

    Is there a way to suppress the three items in the corresponding windows?
    Their display may represent a useful option (e.g., for debugging purposes), but may add a relatively
    heavy load to normal function.

    Thank you

    • Phil Rowe says:

      Hi Claude, thanks for the feedback. In the latest update we have transitioned away from the original monitor. This allows greater flexibility for adding new features. For example we now display data sent from MegunoLink in the monitor as well. The version released last night fixes the duplicate output and in a future version we will add the ability to disable the arrow symbols and line numbers.


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