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MegunoLink Pro’s Program Device visualiser can be used to program Arduino based hex files. This visualiser utilizes the same programming tools distributed with your standard Arduino installation.

We currently support these Arduinos

  • Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Duemilanove w/ATmega328
  • Arduino Mega 2560 or Mega ADK
  • Arduino Mini w/Atmega328
  • Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V, 8MHz) w/ATmega328

We also support these chips using the AVR MK2 ISP or AVR Dragons

  • ATmega644p
  • ATmega328p


MegunoLink Pro Setup

The first time you use MegunoLink Pro’s programmer you need to point it towards the standard Arduino installation so that it can modify AVRDUDE allowing our auto-disconnect feature to work. This lets you program from the standard Arduino software without having to manually disconnect the serial port in MegunoLink first. Perfect for speedy development.


Adding Hex Files

programmerHit the little + button at the top left and it will add a programmer window. You can have as many programmers as you want. In this example you see three programmers. Each one has a description to help you remember what each programmer does. Specify a path to the .hex file and configure the programmer parameters. In the above example you see the first uses the standard Arduino serial bootloader, the second uses AVR Dragon and the third uses the AVR ISP Mk2.


MegunoLink Pro supports a special file-format called a programming package. This special file format can be used to upload bootloaders and adjust fuses on the device. Learn more about Programming Packages.

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