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  • + easy to learn + great feature for arduino + fast connected with arduino + plot more than one sensor value

  • Easy plotting interface

  • I like how easy it is to set up communication with the arduino and how helpful the website is with sample code. It made it very easy for me to quickly trend and plot my data.

  • I like communicating with arduino easily, without programming

  • Thanks! I no longer need to install hardware switches, it's so easy to just use the interface panel.

  • Hello. I'm a university student. I'm using MegunoLink Pro for my project with Arduino. I like most is detail of the graph so I can see any spot where I want. Thankyou.

  • Meguno is a user friendly tool to plot live time plots and X-Y plots. It is very helpful for application development for arduino based projects

  • Megunolink has proven to be a useful piece of software. It gives you a friendly and powerful connection to all the data from your microcontroller, and also a simple GUI for control via serial.

    John Boxall
  • It is making my class project better and faster. Going from Matlab to Megunolink. I was able to code my system in a quicker time then using matlba where i was stuck 24/7.

  • I just love it! I have tried dozens of other options and it took me like a year to get to MegunoLink. There are a lot of people looking for exactly something like this and they do crazy things to get a plot from Arduino. I have no idea why they do not use MegunoLink.

    Krzysztof W.
  • I have been using MegunoLink Pro for the last couple of weeks and having an awesome experience with the real time plotting of serial data from my Arduino Boards.

    Abhinaba Masters Student
  • This is a great sofware and I am using it for research purpose.

  • MegunoLink is a very useful product to rapidly create interactive interfaces when your application needs to display data and simple controls.

    Luca Lucadentella
  • it is very useful for plotting the various values through arduino and its the simplest interface for arduino

  • I have been using MegunoLink for a few months. It's the best Serial Plot software I have to say.  Great Job!

  • UDP connections seem solid.

  • I like the simplicity. When written for the Arduino enviroment there is no non-sence having to do with other programs. Also I like the exampels on the web. Working from an example is much easier than having to start from scratch.

  • like: Platform flexibility, gui, all round useful utility

  • Best feature – speed of setup.

    Murray Cox
  • i like the time graph a lot!! - greetz from germany

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