MegunoLink Lite

MegunoLink Lite now has a big brother: MegunoLink Pro. Download a free trial of MegunoLink Pro today.


MegunoLink Lite is a free tool for talking to Arduino microcontrollers (or any serial device for that matter). If you are ready to move beyond the Arduino IDE, check out our tutorial on using using Atmel Studio for programming the Arduino. MegunoLink Lite will upload the programs you create with tools like AVR Studio or the newer Atmel Studio. But whether you work with the Arduino development environment or another tool, MegunoLink Lite can graph data sent from the Arduino to your PC, log serial data to a text-file or a monitor window, and can simulate serial protocols for missing devices.

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Read what John Boxall wrote about MegunoLink in his tronixstuff blog. You’ll also find lots of great Arduino tutorials on his blog.


  • A simple graphical interface to the standard Arduino programmer “AVRDude” for uploading compiled code. We use the same board descriptions as the Arduino IDE to ease the transition.
  • serial port monitor that does not automatically reset your Arduino when connecting. You can connect and disconnect while your program continues uninterrupted
  • A window to graph data sent from the Ardunio in real time. Send {Temperature [degC],T,12.4} and MegunoLink will plot it.
  • Capture serial port data in a text file for later analysis or tracking down bugs that only occur at 3am.
  • A floating toolbar: minimize MegunoLink while using Atmel Studio but keep the programing tool available.
  • George: a Serial Monkey who will watch for user-defined patterns in the Arduino’s serial data and automatically respond with programmed response to simulate absent hardware.
  • A button to reset the Arduino on the toolbar to restart your program and monitor its startup communications.


Setting up MegunoLink Lite

MegunoLink Lite
MegunoLink Lite
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