Building Arduino Programs with Microsoft Visual Studio

Paul Martinsen : 03/09/2013 9:20 am : Articles, Tutorials

Building Arudino programs with Visual Studio
After using a GNUMake script based on work by Martin Atelier for building a couple of large Arduino programs, I decided to have a go at using MSBuild, the native tool for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. Martin’s script has been fantastic, but GNUMake can be a little belligerent on Windows. So here is the first alpha version of a tool to use Visual Studio’s native build tool for creating Arduino programs.
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Plotting Logged Data Using Matlab

Phil Rowe : 14/05/2013 10:17 pm : Articles, Tutorials

MegunoLink’s data logging tool can be used to save serial data sent by your Arduino to a text file. Matlab and FreeMat are helpful tools for further processing the stored data. This could be a simple as plotting your results (if you don’t want to use the built-in plotting tool) or a more complex data analysis. more »

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