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Exclusive Articles


Arduino Garage Door Opener

Getting stuck out in the rain without keys was the motivation for this project. It uses an Arduino EtherTen to let you trigger a garage door opener. The Arduino hosts a website which you can [...]

RedBot UI

After weeks of programming MegunoLink, I thought it was about time I built something. So I ordered a RedBot chassis and an Ardumotor driver from SparkFun. They have a neat demo that drives the [...]

Arduino Ethernet Communication via UDP

MegunoLink Pro supports communication over Ethernet networks using the User Datagram or UDP protocol. UDP is a simple protocol which is supported by the Arduino Ethernet libraries and Arduino [...]

Plotting Logged Data Using Matlab

MegunoLink’s data logging tool can be used to save serial data sent by your Arduino to a text file. Matlab and FreeMat are helpful tools for further processing the stored data. This could [...]

Serial Terminal for 4D Systems Display

4D Systems are an Australian company that make a range of intelligent displays. These displays include microcontrollers which can be programmed using a language called 4DGL to create graphical [...]

5 tips for Arduino programs

A few random tips for Arduino programmers. We cover saving RAM by storing text in program memory, making your programs easier to read, a technique to avoid being held up in delays, the C++ [...]

Malt Kiln

Malting barley is a critical step in the brewing of a nice beer. Brewers rely on maltsters to craft this ingredient. It involves soaking the grain in water and allowing the germination process to [...]

Arduino Controlled Air Conditioner

Introduction This article covers the development of an Arduino controlled air conditioning system. It converts an old school, in-window, air conditioner (AC) which was in a very hard to reach [...]

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