This page lists the HEX codes returned by Ken Shirriff’s multiprotocol IR library for some common remote controls.

Arduino Remote

This remote is supplied with the DF Robotic IR kit for the Arduino.

Button Hex Code
Power 0xFD00FF
Vol+ 0xFD807F
Vol- 0xFD906F
Func/stop 0xFD40BF
Prev chapter 0xFD20DF
Play/ pause 0xFDA05F
Next chapter 0xFD609F
Eq 0xFDB04F
St/rept 0xFD708F
Down 0xFD10EF
Up 0xFD50AF
0 0xFD30CF
1 0xFD08F7
2 0xFD8877
3 0xFD48B7
4 0xFD28D7
5 0xFDA857
6 0xFD6897
7 0xFD18E7
8 0xFD9867
9 0xFD58A7

Windows Media Centre Remote

The Windows Media Centre remote sends two codes for each button, toggling between them.

Button Hex Code A Hex Code B
Live TV 0x800F8425 0x800F0425
Guide 0x800F0426 0x800F0426
Recorded TV 0x800F0448 0x800F8448
Windows Key 0x800F040D 0x800F840D
Music 0x800F0447 0x800F8447
Pictures 0x800F0449 0x800F8449
Videos 0x800F044A 0x800F844A
TV 0x800F0446 0x800FB446
Power 0x800F040C 0x800F840C


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