Commissioning Arduino Devices

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Commissioning Custom Arduino Devices

The Arduino is an inventors dream. You can buy boards and shields off-the-shelf to quickly build prototypes and test your ideas. Then, as the project evolves, you can create your own boards with the Arduino reference designs as a guide. We’ve used this approach to build everything from wireless fruit monitors to industrial milking controllers.

In Commissioning Custom Arduino Devices, we share our experience in commissioning new boards. The first step that takes a board from the production line and brings it to life.

We start with tips for your design to make commissioning easier including protecting devices on the SPI bus during programming and the hardware to support serial bootloaders. Then you’ll learn how to set the fuses which configure the device clock and make it run the bootloader. Next we look at programming devices with bootloaders and serial numbers. , with fuses, boot-loaders, and serial numbers. Finally, we’ll show you how to craft a simple welcome message to keep track of versions, display device ids and report status.

Commissioning Custom Arduino Devices is written by Engineers with more than 5 years experience customizing the Arduino platform. It pulls together the information you need to avoid the pitfalls and get your first custom device going quickly and easily.


  1. Introduction
  2. Before the Beginning
  3. Programming a New Board
    1. Fuses
    2. Bootloader
    3. Setting Fuses and Programming a Bootloader
    4. Device Ids
    5. Programming the Id
    6. Reading the Device Id
  4. A Welcome Message
  5. Bringing it all together

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