Sometimes you need a non-standard baudrate for your serial communications. If this is the case you can modify MegunoLink’s configuration file to add additional baud-rates.

First locate the file MegunoLinkPro.exe.config in the MegunoLink install directory (usually “C:\Program Files (x86)\Number Eight Innovation\MegunoLink”).

Make a copy of this file in a convenient location, such as your desktop. Normally you won’t be able to edit files in the Program files folder directly.

Open this file using your favorite text editor and locate the entries that look like this. Simply add your custom baud-rates to this list. As an example I have added 900,000 baud to the bottom of the list.

Save the file and copy it back to the MegunoLink install folder. Normally Windows will ask you confirm overwriting the file.

When you restart MegunoLink, you’ll see your new baud-rates added to the Connection Manager’s baud rate selector.

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