Connection Manager

Create and configure serial, UDP, file and XBee connections with the Connection Manager

The Connection Manager visualiser is used to create and configure connections. Connect using:

  1. Serial/USB, the most common wired connection to an Arduino
  2. UDP, a network protocol you can use with Ethernet cables or WiFi
  3. TCP Client, open a TCP connection to a server running on your Arduino,
  4. TCP Server, host a server in MegunoLink that your Arduino sketch can connect to,
  5. XBee Series 2 Pro API mode, a wireless network
  6. File, to replay content from a text file — useful for testing and demonstration
  7. Loopback, to send commands from a Monitor visualizer for testing your MegunoLink project

Adding Connections

Click the Add Connection to create a new connection. MegunoLink will create a configuration panel you can use to setup the connection. You can mix and match different types of connection in a project and add as many connections as you like. MegunoLink can process messages from dozens of connections at the same time.

create connection
Create new connections from the <kbd>Add Connection</kbd> menu.

Selecting Connections

Connection selector
Select the visualizer source from the <kbd>connection selection</kbd> menu.

To link a connection to a visualizer, use the connection selection menu on the visualizer’s toolbar. Data from the connection will flow to the visualizer and be interpreted by it to plot measurements, tabulate results or control an interface panel. You can use the connection selection to open and close the connection or the Connect button on the connection manager’s configuration panel.

Each connection has a title field that you can use to name your connection. The name appears on the connection selection menu to help you identify the connection.

Turn on Restore on Load to have MegunoLink try to open a connection automatically when the project is loaded. The connection will be opened provided the port exists when the project is loaded.

Click the Change Order button to rearrange connections. You can group similar connections together or organize them in any way you choose.

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