Check out some of our many examples that demonstrate MegunoLink visualizers and our Arduino Library. Get in touch if there’s something missing you’d like us to add.

You can find even more examples installed with MegunoLink. Just select Library Examples from the application toolbar.

Library examples menu

Find more examples in MegunoLink in the Library Examples menu.

Plotting Time Series Examples

These examples use MegunoLink’s TimePlot visualizer which lets you plot time series data sent from your Arduino.

Creating a Custom User Interface

These examples use MegunoLink’s Interface Panel visualizer which lets you create a custom user interface to control your Arduino. You can use the interface to send messages to your Arduino and your Arduino can also send messages back to reconfigure the interface.

Examples for Viewing Data in a Table

These examples use MegunoLink’s Table visualizer which lets you keep an eye on the values of variables without having to search through a serial monitor.

  • SendToTable — sends the value of two variables to MegunoLinks table for easy monitoring.

Message Monitor Examples

The Message monitor lets you create separate streams of data over a single serial port.

Controlling Hardware (Servos, Sensors etc)

These examples show how MegunoLink can be used to control hardware. This mostly utilise MegunoLink’s Interface Panel and our Arduino Command Handler library.

  • Servo Control — control the position of a servo using a Interface Panel trackbar.
  • POWERSTEP01 — user interface for controlling a Powerstep01 stepper motor driver.
  • Debounce Arduino Buttons — simple class to debounce mechanical buttons.
  • TCS34725 color sensor — displays the color detected by a low-cost color sensor in a MegunoLink interface panel.

Communication Examples

These examples illustrated the different connection methods supported by MegunoLink

  • Sending data over UDP — demonstrates sending serial data over a an Ethernet connection using UDP to MegunoLink
  • Wake on Serial Message — put your Arduino to sleep to save power and have it automatically wake whenever it receives a serial message.

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