Several control properties are shared by most Interface Panel controls. Edit properties by selecting the control in the Designer and use the Properties window to change the property you’re interested in.

The access type indicates where the property may be used and/or modified. Design-only properties may only be changed in the editor when you are designing your Interface Panel. Read-only properties may be used in creating messages. Read/write properties can also be updated from your Arduino sketch.

Common properties shared by most controls.
Property Access Type Method Description
BackColor Read/write Color SetBackColor Adjust the background color
BackgroundImage Design-only Image The image displayed in the background of the control.
BackgroundImageLayout Design-only ImageLayout Controls how the background image is positioned in the control. Available options are centered in the control (Center), top left corner (None), stretched horizontally and vertically separately to fit the control (Stretch), repeat across the image to fill the control (Tile) or scaled so the whole image is visible and not distorted(Zoom).
Enabled Read/write bool EnableControl, DisableControl Enable/disable the control. When a control is disabled it is visible but shown grayed out and you can’t interact with it.
ForeColor Read/write string SetForeColor Adjust the foreground color
Name Read-only string The control name uniquely identifies the control in the interface designer. Names are used to reference control properties when creating commands or updating the interface from your Arduino sketch. They can contain only letters and numbers.
Visible Read/write bool ShowControl, HideControl Hide/show the control


  • Property: name of the property. Properties are changed using the interface panel designer.
  • Access: Indicates where the property can be used. Design-only are only available in the interface panel designer property editor; read-only properties are available in the property editor and can be used when creating serial commands; read/write properties can also be changed from your Arduino sketch.
  • Type: the kind of data that is stored in the property.
  • Method (writable properties only): the Arduino library method used to change the property from your Arduino sketch.

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