Here are some extra commands you may find useful. These can be used inside the interface panel elements to modify the output you want to send to your Arduino. For example, converting a number to hex, or sending a 1 or 0 instead of true and false.

Handy interface panel message functions.
Command Description
[IPNumericUpDown1.IntegerValue.ToString("X3")] Retrieve integer value from numeric up/down control and send it out in hex format (X) with fixed with (3)
[IPCheckBox1.CheckedAsByte] Will result in a 1 (true) or 0 (false). This result is easier to deal with at the Arduino end than the True and False values reported from a checkbox using [IPCheckBox1.Checked].
[DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM")] Send out the current computer time in the specified format

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