The ProgressBar displays an integer value in the form of progress to a goal or proportion of some maximum value using a colored horizontal bar. Its value can be set from a connected device.

ProgressBar control properties
Property Access Type Method Description
Name Read only string The name of the control
Value Read/write Integer SetProgress The current progress value. Must be between Minimum and Maximum.
Minimum Read/write Integer SetMinimum The minimum value. The progress bar will be completely empty when Value is equal to Minimum.
Maximum Read/write Integer SetMaximum The maximum value. The progress bar will be filled in completely when Value is equal to Maximum.
Orientation Design-only Horizontal | Vertical Controls whether the bar is filled from the left (horizontal) or bottom (vertical).
BarText Read/write String SetText Set/get the text displayed in the middle of the progress bar.

This control also supports all the common control properties.

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