The ProgressBar displays an integer value in the form of progress to a goal or proportion of some maximum value using a colored horizontal bar. Its value can be set from a connected device.

Design-time properties for the ProgressBar control
ValueThe current progress value. Must be between Minimum and Maximum
MaximumThe maximum value. The progress bar will be filled in completely when Value is equal to Maximum
MinimumThe minimum value. The progress bar will be completely empty when Value is equal to Minimum
Run-time Properties for the ProgressBar control
NameRead onlystringThe name of the control
ValueRead/writeIntegerThe current value
MinimumRead/writeIntegerGets/sets the minimum control value
MaximumRead/writeIntegerGets/sets the maximumcontrol value
Run-time properties common to most controls
VisibleRead/writeboolHide/show the control
EnabledRead/writeboolEnable/disable the control. When a control is disabled it is visible but shown grayed out and you can't interact with it.
ForeColorRead/writestringAdjust the foreground color
BackColorRead/writestringAdjust the background color
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