The RadioButton control lets you select an option from a range of options. It is similar to a checkbox, however, when a radio button is used inside a group-box, only one of the radio buttons will be selected at any time. It is often used to enable or disable features. The Checkbox control can send a message to a connected device whenever the selection changes or be updated by commands sent from your Arduino sketch.

Radio button control properties
Property Access Type Method Description
Checked Read/write bool SetCheck, ClearCheck The state of the radio button
CheckedAsByte Read only byte The state of the radio button as a byte. The value is 0 if the radio button is checked and 0 otherwise.
CheckAlign Design-only ContentAlignment The location of the radio button relative to its label
Text Read/write string SetText The radio button label text
OnCheckChangedSend Design-only string The command message to send, if any, to a connected serial device when the check state is changed.

This control also supports all the common control properties.

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