The RadioButton control lets you select an option from a range of options. It is similar to a checkbox, however, when a radio button is used inside a group-box, only one of the radio buttons will be selected at any time. It is often used to enable or disable features. The Checkbox control can send a message to a connected device whenever the selection changes. Its run-time properties can be referenced in command messages.

Design-time properties for the RadioButton control
CheckedThe initial state of the radio button
CheckAlignThe alignment of the radio button relative to its label
TextThe radio buttonlabel text
OnCheckChangedSendThe command message to send, if any, to a connected serial device when the state is changed
Run-time properties for the RadioButton control
NameRead onlystringThe name of the control
CheckedRead/writeboolTrue if the control is checked; false otherwise
Run-time properties common to most controls
VisibleRead/writeboolHide/show the control
EnabledRead/writeboolEnable/disable the control. When a control is disabled it is visible but shown grayed out and you can't interact with it.
ForeColorRead/writestringAdjust the foreground color
BackColorRead/writestringAdjust the background color

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