Tab control containers pages that can contain other controls. The user selects an active page by clicking on a tab. Tab controls are commonly used to create visual focus on the controls needed for a particular task. For example, controls to set up a PID controller might be presented on a different page to controls to start a process. This helps keep the set up out of the way from the controls that are used more often.

Interface panel tab control

The tab control allows you to put controls on different “pages” and switch between them.

Tab control properties
Property Access Type Method Description
ActiveTab Read/write int SetTab Set/get the active tab. Tabs are numbered from 0.
Alignment Design-only TabAlignment Sets the location of the tabs used to select the active page. Available locations are Top, Bottom, Left and Right.
Appearance Design-only TabAppearance Sets the visual style used to draw the tabs. Available styles are tabs (Normal), three-dimensional buttons (Buttons) and flat buttons (FlatButtons).
HotTrack Design-only bool Determines if the control’s tabs change in appearance when the mouse passes over them.
ItemSize Design-only Size Sets the size of the tabs.
Multiline Design-only bool Determines if tabs wrap to a new line when there are more tabs than can fit along the length of the control.
Padding Design-only Point Sets the amount of space to add around the tabs.
ShowToolTips Design-only bool Determines if tooltips should be shown for tab pages that have their ToolTipText property set.
SizeMode Design-only TabSizeMode Sets how the size of tabs is calculated. Available options are: use the length of each tab’s text to determine the tab size (Normal), use the same size for each tab (Fixed) or span the full width of the tab control (FillToRight, only applicable when there are multiple rows of tabs).
TabPages Design-only Collection The collection of pages and their properties.

The tab control supports all the common control properties.

  • Joppe

    Please add the OnClickSend functionality to tabs.
    Or is there another way to update my main code based on the selected tab?

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