Welcome to MegunoLink.

MegunoLink is a Windows application to provide a user interface for your Arduino projects. MegunoLink visualizers interpret messages sent from your Arduino sketch to plot graphs, tabulate results and log data. MegunoLink also sends commands to control your project or change settings. Once connected you can:

  • Plot graphs in MegunoLink using data collected from sensors on your Arduino.
  • Build a user interface with buttons, input controls and labels. The controls can send commands that your Arduino sketch can act on.
  • Monitor all the serial data your Arduino is sending.
  • Save the Arduino serial stream into a log file.
  • Create separate channels for sending important messages from the Arduino that are separate from all the clutter from the serial stream with the Message Monitor Visualizer
MegunoLink plotting filtered data

Your Arduino can send data to MegunoLink using all sorts of connections. Use the Connection Manager visualizer to setup the ones you want to use:

  • USB/RS232: the most common Arduino connection. This is the one that starts Serial.begin(9600);
  • Ethernet: if your Arduino has an Ethernet connection, MegunoLink can talk to it via UDP.
  • Wifi: MegunoLink can talk to the ESP8266 or ESP32 modules using UDP.
  • XBee Series 2 Pro: using an XBee in API mode? We’ve got that covered.
  • File: this one is really just for testing. MegunoLink can read serial data from a log file and replay it for you.

MegunoLink can talk to as many Arduino’s as you like. All at the same time. You can mix-and-match connection types or even connect to one Arduino using several methods (WiFi for data and Serial for debugging, for example). Set it all up with the Connection Manager.

Download MegunoLink

Build a professional interface for your Arduino project with MegunoLink, even if you’ve never made a Windows program before.

Download MegunoLink, install, and then check out our Getting Started guide.

A demo of MegunoLink Pro in action can be seen in the video below. You can download the example Arduino program used in this demo here.

Check out our extensive online documentation for more information. You’ll find some guides for beginners in the Getting Started with MegunoLink section and more detail in each of the visualizer sections.

Visit the MegunoLink forum or Contact Us if you’ve any questions. We’d be happy to help!

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