The ArduinoISP software running on an Arduino can be used in place of the AVR ISP Mk II. This lets you use one Arduino (the programmer) to program a second Arduino (the target). The programmer can be used to:

  • Install a bootloader on the target,
  • Write user programs to the target,
  • Read from the target’s eeprom,
  • Write to the target’s eeprom,
  • Set fuses on the target.
Arduino ISP Programmer

Use the ArduinoISP software running on one Arduino board to program another one.

To use an Arduino as an ICSP (in-circuit serial programmer), you will need to:

  1. Wire up the programmer, connecting it to your target.
  2. Load the ArduinoISP software onto the programmer. You can find this sketch in the Arduino IDE. Select File ⇒ Examples ⇒ ArduinoISP ⇒ ArduinoISP.
  3. Create a Program Devices visualizer in MegunoLink. Add a programmer, device ID writer, or downloader panel.
  4. Select the Arduino ISP programmer option that matches the baud rate used by the Arduino ISP software on your programmer. The default value is 19,200.
  5. Select the target device you are programming and the COM port that the programmer is connected to.
  6. Configure the programming panel.
  7. Press the Program button to upload your program to the target device.

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