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3 September 2023, 1.37.23246.0903

  • Bug fix: message library messages sometimes not correctly formatted.
  • Bug fix: better error handling for last clicked point property on graphs.
  • Bug fix: fixed crash when setting Center property of gauge control to 0 with autosizing enabled.
  • Improved: added support to enable/disable interface panel timer component with serial commands.

3 July 2023, 1.37.23184.0703

  • New: send a message when a chart is clicked; include the last position clicked on TimePlots and XYPlots when sending messages.
  • Bug fix: Arduino integration setup failed if Arduino IDE 2.0 was installed but Arduino IDE 1.8 was not installed.
  • Bug fix: fixed crash that sometimes occurs when removing a series from a graph using a serial command.
  • Bug fix: report invalid log paths to user instead of crashing.
  • Bug fix: fixed crash at startup for some users.
  • Bug fix: messages from message library were not decoded correctly.

17 December 2022, 1.36.22351.1217

  • Improved: added upload monitor support for Arduino IDE 2.0.
  • Improved: support fractional values when sending data to time plots with device generated time.
  • Improved: added customizable time-stamp resolution for logging.
  • Improved: added customizable time-stamp resolution to monitors.
  • Bug fix: Clear button not attached to the correct edge in error history dialog.
  • Bug fix: Fixed crash when controls have names that are also reserved words.
  • Bug fix: made error reporting more robust.
  • Bug fix: fixed crash when log file path contains invalid characters.
  • Bug fix: editing interface panel multiple times opened multiple design windows
  • Bug fix: failed to prompt to save changes when closing interface designer
  • Bug fix: crash in designer when interface not properly closed

21 July 2022, 1.36.22202.0721

  • New: Added Device File Transfer visualizer, with thanks to Kraken Subsea Solutions for helping support the development of this feature.
  • Improved: added support to control column visibility in plot summary tables using policies.
  • Improved: Made text-to-speech more resiliant.
  • Improved: Report format exceptions in serial messages to user instead of crash.
  • Improved: hold down shift while clicking delete all in the plot visualizer to remove all series without confirmation prompt.
  • Bug fix: corrected message monkey visualizer help link.
  • Bug fix: report invalid number format to user instead of crashing.
  • Bug fix: channel discovery was broken.
  • Bug fix: crash when resizing monitor window.

4 April 2022, 1.35.22081.322

  • New: added (experimental) support for MQTT sources (see for Arduino library support and examples).
  • Improved: added support for sending multiple commands from interface panel with a small (50ms) delay between each.
  • Improved: clearer user interface for auto-connect at startup.
  • Improved: more flexible sending supported for property table in Arduino library.
  • Improved: clearer interface for selecting auto-connect sources.
  • Bug fix: resolved error when nesting {}’s in command messages.
  • Bug fix: crash when serial viewer gets very small.
  • Bug fix: crash when supplying invalid DNS name.

30 January 2022, 1.34.22030.0130

  • New: added message monkey visualizer
  • Bug fix: virtual com ports show up twice in port selectors.
  • Bug fix: textbox values weren’t saved to panel settings.
  • Bug fix: typing into the mDNS host field on a TCP client connection redirected focus to the connection name.
  • Bug fix: font size in plots not persisting correctly.
  • Bug fix: images and pages removed from documentation editor were restored at next load.
  • Improved: MegunoLink host now checking the correct version of .NET framework is installed.

27 October 2021, 1.33.21300.1027

  • New: added plain slider with return on release ability.
  • Improved: set font size used when monitor visualizers are embedded in interface panels.
  • Improved: moved monitor visualizer send panel checkboxes into send button.
  • Bug fix: some users unable to delete merged sources.
  • Bug fix: some visualizers weren’t laid out correctly when placed inside containers with non-default font size.
  • Bug fix: projects with interface panels saved in old file format do not load correctly.
  • Bug fix: controls anchored to the right or bottom edge of the design surface could end up outside the visible area when the design was loaded.

8 September 2021, 1.33.21251.0908

  • New: added code examples for sending data to MegunoLink visualizers.
  • New: example code to handle commands on an interface panel with the command handler library in design example code panel.
  • New: expressions surrounded by braces ({, }) are not included in the output.
  • New: added support to make controls same size, format horizontal and vertical spacing and lock selected controls to prevent them being moved in designer.
  • Improved: outline view in interface panel designer now includes top-level control so it can be selected when child controls are docked.
  • Improved: interface panel property store only saves user settable properties.
  • Improved: applying interface design preserves user settable properties, but updates the rest.
  • Bug fix: right-clicking a category label in the interface designer property grid caused a crash.
  • Bug fix: controls were not applied correctly on interface panels containing controls nested inside a panel placed in a split container.
  • Bug fix: controls created before a table layout panel were not correctly positioned inside the table layout.
  • Bug fix: items inside split container panels didn’t show up in outline view.
  • Bug fix: crash when saving project that had channel selection ids with invalid characters.
  • Bug fix: custom font on trackbar with indicator caused scaling problem.
  • Bug fix: splitter position wasn’t always set correctly when applying/ loading interface panel designs.

17 June 2021, 1.33.21168.0617

  • Bug fix: crash when opening a project with an interface panel but no sources.

12 June 2021, 1.33.21163.612

  • Improved: options to apply design only (default) or design with default values to prevent overwriting values on interface panel each time the design is updated.
  • Improved: prompt for confirmation before changing the default project template.
  • Improved: use new file format for default project templates.
  • Bug fix: AutoSize for labels was always returning to true when an interface is opened in the designer.
  • Bug fix: crash when right clicking on a property grid item in the designer when multiple controls are selected.
  • Bug fix: added items to listbox/combobox using serial commands didn’t respect ShowItemValue; item value was always shown.
  • Bug fix: crash when creating a new project from a template that includes a program devices visualizer with relative paths.
  • Bug fix: multiple programming panels were sometimes created in the program devices visualizer.

30 May 2021, 1.33.21150.0530

  • Improved: new properties for TrackBarWithIndicator – TickStyle, TickFrequency, SmallChange, LargeChange
  • Improved: new property (ShowItemValue) for list and combo box controls, which determines if the item value is shown after the name.
  • Improved: templates files default to new file format.
  • Improved: interface designer lets you hide automatic display of smart tags (View -> Show Smart Tags automatically).
  • Improved: interface designer automatically sets AutoSize to true for labels.
  • Improved: messages can include binary data using expressions such as [BitConverter.GetBytes((Int16)12)]
  • Improved: interface designer properties list includes the control/component type.
  • Improved: added collapse, expand and help buttons to interface designer property grid.
  • Bug fix: user prompted twice to save changes when creating new document based on template.
  • Bug fix: standard deviation in plot summary data wasn’t calculated correctly.
  • Bug fix: crash when restoring designer window layout.
  • Bug fix: crash when editing default series styles.
  • Bug fix: crash when saving interface panels with numeric up/down controls containing large values.

4 May 2021, 1.33.21123.0503

  • New: interface designer layout is now persistent.
  • New: implemented a simple indicator control for interface panels.
  • New: copy control name from code sample or outline context (right-click) menu.
  • New: project auto-save file created every 10 minutes; you can restore your project from the auto-save file if MegunoLink doesn’t exit cleanly
  • New: load custom device templates for programming devices from “CustomDeviceTemplates.xml”
  • Improved: set duration for x-axis on timeplot in run mode.
  • Improved: create new controls in interface panel using the previous name when pasting.
  • Improved: added policies for program devices visualizer.
  • Improved: TrackBarWithIndicator doesn’t send value when changed by serial command.
  • Bug fix: for setting active tab on tab controls using serial commands.
  • Bug fix: SerialConnection component stops working for some users after uploading Arduino program.
  • Bug fix: crash when closing interface panel that was still receiving data.
  • Bug fix: reordering programming visualizers caused multiple output windows to appear.
  • Bug fix: plot font size was not correct after editing.
  • Bug fix: last gauge label’s value wasn’t correctly stored when saving interface panel control values.
  • Bug fix: redraw gauge control when auto size property is changed.
  • Bug fix: name of trackbar with indicator control was not displayed correctly in the code example window.
  • Bug fix: program button was disabled in some situations even though a file, programmer, device and template were all selected.

17 March 2021, 1.33.21076.0317

  • New: edit control names in interface panel designer outline view.
  • New: modify interface panel list contents with serial commands.
  • Improved: added help page links to interface panel designer and new controls.

6 March 2021, 1.33.21065.0306

  • Improved: Added overload to MessageBuilderUtilities so change to NumericUpDown value type breaks fewer things.
  • Bug fix: to prevent crashes after installing Arduino library.

19 February 2021, 1.33.21050.0219

  • Breaking change: numeric up/down control Value property has been changed from a Decimal value to a double value since that’s nearly always what is wanted. You can retrieve the value as a decimal using the DecimalValue property.
  • Breaking changes: added more flexible destination for generated reports. Report configuration reverts to default settings when loading a project file saved with an older version of MegunoLink.
  • Plotting
    • New: added cursors to plots.
    • New: added support for log scales to plots.
    • New: added support to edit default series styles
    • New: change graph font and color of graph titles
    • Improved: added support to save time/xy plot as an image.
    • Bug fix: crash when trying to set series style without any series properties.
    • Bug fix: values sent to plots with the data-step command were ignored.
    • Bug fix: crash when using scheduled reports to save a plot to an emf or wmf file.
    • Bug fix: crash when closing plot documentation popup for some users.
  • Tables
    • New: save content of record table and property table to a file.
    • New: copy content of property table to the clipboard.
    • New: add current time to record table using serial command.
    • Improved: added toolbar button to copy time plot/xy plot image to clipboard.
    • Improved: property table sends values using Bang protocol for easier Arduino decoding.
    • Bug fix: fixed crash in tables that used a DataGridView control.
    • Bug fix: crash when reloading tables with re-ordered columns.
    • Bug fix: crash copying record table data to clipboard when another application is holding onto the clipboard.
    • Bug fix: removing a row from the table during editing could cause a crash.
    • Bug fix: crash when trying to move the new-row placeholder in a table.
  • Interface Panel
    • New: interface panel designer now supports undo (experimental).
    • New: added outliner to interface panel.
    • New: added snaplines for text baseline to interface panel designer.
    • New: added text to speech component for speaking text using commands sent from Arduino.
    • New: added a combo box as a more compact control for selecting values on an interface panel.
    • New: optionally prompt the user for confirmation before sending message when a button is clicked.
    • New: component to show prompts sent from Arduino.
    • New: added ActiveTab property and SetTab method to change the active tab of a TabControl.
    • New: added StartProgram component to interface panel to run external programs using serial commands.
    • Improved: added support for vertical progress bars
    • Improved: set text value for radio, check box and buttons using serial commands.
    • Improved: added CheckState to get/set indeterminate state for checkboxes.
    • Improved: default values and better categories for gauge control properties
    • Improved: interface panel can send responses to GET command using Bang protocol for easier Arduino decoding.
    • Improved: Open file button can take parameters and send a command on success.
    • Improved: duplicating interface panel copies design to new visualizer.
    • Improved: added property to control run-mode on TimePlots in an interface panel.
    • Bug fix: control locations in the table flow panel weren’t applied correctly from the interface panel designer.
    • Bug fix: numeric value in track bar with value was hidden on tab pages.
    • Bug fix: crash when requesting a property with a null value.
    • Bug fix: importing interface panels not working.
    • Bug fix: excess modification markers on interface panel visualizers.
    • Bug fix: crash when trying to assign values to controls using serial expressions like [num=20] (correct syntax includes the property, like [num.Value=20])
    • Bug fix: double clicking a button didn’t send the OnDoubleClick message.
  • Logging
    • Improved: added support for date and time formats when using parameterized paths with time stamp for logging.
    • Improved: removed extra colon when writing timestamp to log files.
    • Improved: added Flush method to Message class to force flush the message logger file to disk.
    • Improved: automatically flush logs to disk at least every 10 seconds.
    • Bug fix: crash when the drive containing a log file was removed during logging.
  • Other
    • New: added audio clip library. Audio clips are stored with the project file and can be played using serial commands sent from your Arduino.
    • Improved: apply changes to visualizer source to all or visualizers using matching source from visualizer source selector.
    • Improved: duplicating visualizers copies serial source to new visualizer.
    • Improved: output from start external program is captured to the output window.
    • Bug fix: crash if message monitor is cleared while selecting text.
    • Bug fix: navigation for document viewer was always disabled.

17 November 2019, 1.32.20005.0105

  • New: Record Table visualizer shows columns of data in a table.
  • Improved: added support for white needles on interface panel gauge control.
  • Improved: changed form designer auto scale mode to none by default to prevent control creep problems for some users.
  • Bug fix: some plot properties in the designer were not applied to the interface panel run-time design.
  • Bug fix: crash when progress bar on uploader was zero size.
  • Bug fix: crash when writing to a closed TCP client.
  • Bug fix: a crash could occur when loading projects with Restore on Load enabled if a port was missing.
  • Bug fix: added more consistent parsing of plot series names to avoid crashes when invalid names are supplied.
  • Bug fix: fixed crash when setting time plot limits before 1753.
  • Bug fix: fixed crash for serial drivers returning bad information about the serial device.

5 November 2019, 1.31.19309.1105

  • New: added support to set series colours using RGB values.
  • Improved: added tooltips to log visualizer and programming panels.
  • Improved: added support to configure channels for message monitor, data table and map visualizers in Interface Panel designer.
  • Bug fix: removing files from the template directory caused a crash for some users.
  • Bug fix: crash when showing outline view in interface designer if toolbox was auto-hide.
  • Bug fix: invalid characters in series names caused crash for some users when saving.
  • Bug fix: stand-alone MegunoLink projects weren’t able to list serial ports.

26 September 2019, 1.31.19269.0926

  • Improved: change progress bar control color and add text to it.
  • Improved: mouse wheel zoom and middle mouse button to pan now work regardless of the tool selected for Time Plot and XY Plots to make it easier to navigate graphs.
  • Improved: modified run mode to update more smoothly.
  • Bug fix: Fixed documentation error with GetValue, which doesn’t support mixed flash string & constant character parameters.
  • Bug fix: Prompt user if unable to open .ino file in Arduino IDE.
  • Bug fix: Sometimes changes to the port were not detected when making TCP connections.

24 August 2019, 1.30.19236.0824

  • Bug fix: Dock All Visualizers could cause a crash in some situations.
  • Improved: Increased brace protocol message buffer to 10k to support logging very large messages.
  • New: Added Attach method to MegunoLinkProtocol to enable changing the destination for MegunoLink messages in the Arduino program.
  • New: can now change chart background colours in the designer.
  • Update: updated version number of MLP library so users get new report feature.

12 June 2019, 1.30.19193.0712

  • New: generate reports and enable/disable scheduled reporting using serial commands.
  • Improved: specify number of decimal places when sending float data to tables (SendFloatData method).
  • Bug fix: timestamps for log files included illegal ‘:’ character. Replaced with -‘s.
  • Bug fix: crash when testing an empty message in the CommandEdtitor.

6 June 2019, 1.30.19156.0605

  • Bug fix: interface looked like a cubist painting for users with high DPI displays.

1 June 2019, 1.30.19152.0601

  • Bug fix: bug reporting was broken in the last release.

28 May 2019, 1.30.19148.0528

  • Improved: UI designer saves design only properties now (e.g. Locked)
  • Improved: updated to Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 for serial port bug fix that caused a crash when removing serial devices for some users & better High DPI display support.
  • Bug fix: sometimes timestamps were written to log file even though it looked like time-stamping was not enabled.
  • Bug fix: missing filter specification when selecting file to upload.
  • Bug fix: lots of UDP messages were causing MegunoLink to lock up.
  • Bug fix: hiding legend & chart summary in interface designer wasn’t applied.
  • Bug fix: wasn’t persisting table containers correctly.
  • Bug fix: the apply button in the interface panel designer was not enabled after changing label or range properties of a gauge control.

21 April 2019, 1.27.19111.0421

  • Bug fix: couldn’t load projects that included message loggers with empty paths.
  • Bug fix: help button for editing parameterized paths didn’t go anywhere.
  • Bug fix: crash when selecting an unsupported baud-rate.

13 April 2019, 1.27.19103.413

  • New: support for ArduinoISP programmer
  • New: added ability to turn off auto-completion for monitor visualizer send box.
  • New: added support to start and stop logging for message logger using Serial commands.
  • New: added command to dock all floating visualizer windows to visualizer menu.
  • New: Start and stop messages for Test programming.
  • New: Graph data can be written as CSV or tab-separated text files when generating reports.
  • New: disable audio feedback when generating reports.
  • Improved: New Interface Panels get auto-scroll by default so scroll bars appear when the interface content doesn’t fit within the visualizer window.
  • Improved: relaxed requirements for sending date to time-plot. Leading zeros are not required for month, day, hours, minutes or seconds fields.
  • Improved: made serial port driver more immune to being removed ad-hoc
  • Improved: test results are colour coded now
  • Improved: Made saving to the new file format (MLPZ) the default.
  • Improved: More configuration for plot visualizers in Interface Panel.
  • Improved: More consistent decoding of serial messages in locales that don’t use the period character as a decimal separator.
  • Bug fix: implemented persistence of report settings in MLPZ files
  • Bug fix: command to set range wasn’t parsed correctly in some locales
  • Bug fix: Fixed bug where download button wasn’t always enabled for device download panel
  • Bug fix: auto-scale overrode graph scale set by serial commands.
  • Bug fix: crashed when clicking source selector with no available sources.
  • Bug fix: badly formed data could cause crash when importing graph data.
  • Bug fix: serial sources weren’t removed correctly from merged sources when deleted.
  • Bug fix: crash when trying to open more than one TCPServer on the same port
  • Bug fix: message preview not updated when changing between ascii and binary in message editor.
  • Bug fix: didn’t change network address correctly for network sources.
  • Bug fix: detect invalid device signature errors while programming.
  • Bug fix: message preview in command editor only worked once.

26 November 2018, 1.25.18329.1125

  • New: combine data from multiple sources.
  • New: send data to a second y-axis on time- or xy-plots.
  • New: set the text on buttons from serial commands.
  • New: use message monitor and monitor visualizers on the Interface Panel.
  • Improved: Added support for filled markers.
  • Updated: MegunoLink Arduino library.

18 September 2018, 1.24.18261.0918

  • Bug fix: opening a MegunoLink project file from Windows Explorer could cause a crash.
  • Bug fix: MegunoLink crashed when receiving invalid XBee node discovery packet.
  • Bug fix: retrieving device information from serial ports caused crash for some users.

2 September 2018, 1.24.18245.0902

  • New: Added menu to add commonly used escape characters in the Command Editor
  • New: added support to start/stop run mode on the TimePlot from the Arduino.
  • New: added templates for quickly creating time plot, x-y plot and interface panel projects
  • Improved: chart exports x-values in date-time format instead of numeric values
  • Improved: recalculate update rate for plots in run-mode whenever the plot is zoomed. Decreased minimum interval between updates from 200 ms to 75 ms.
  • Improved accuracy of Arduino library filter for integer types
  • Improved: Visualizers tool button is no longer split so it is easier to select visualizers from the menu. Use the Show Visualizers Toolbox to restore the visualizer toolbox if has been closed.
  • Improved: set the minimum number of points in plots to 1 by user request
  • Bug fix: some plot commands were processed by the wrong plot type

17 July 2018, 1.23.18197.0716

  • New: automatically create a default settings store for Interface panel visualisers which restores control values to values from the designer.
  • Improved: Save and restore size of summary table window
  • Bug fix: Fixed problem building MLP library for Due
  • Bug fix: tab title was not restored when loading MLPZ files
  • Bug fix: fixed bug that caused scaling problems for some users
  • Bug fix: Fixed crash in programmer visualiser

21 June 2018, 1.23.18172.0621

  • New: show example Arduino code in Interface Designer for updating UI
  • New: the time and/or date can automatically be included in file names when logging
  • New: added auto logging on serial connect
  • New: Added CheckedAsByte properties to the CheckBox and RadioButton controls
  • New: Added support for logging to files for Builder projects
  • Improved: XY plotting performance is improved for receiving high speed data
  • Improved: Increased accuracy of date time plot tooltips
  • Improved: changing the maximum number of points in a series is applied to existing series as well as new ones (previously only applied to new series)
  • Improved: increased maximum size of text buffers for monitor visualizers to 8 MB
  • Improved: added default message processing for interface panel so you can send commands form your Arduino without having to add a message processor component
  • Improved: Can now send multiple values at once to an XY plot
  • Improved: the file brower’s explore item command opens Windows Explorer at the folder, if the file doesn’t exist
  • Bug fix: some users experienced crash after removing a programming panel.
  • Bug fix: users getting a crash when using unsupported programmers
  • Bug fix: Fixes to plot zooming on high resolution displays.

22 April 2018, 1.20.18108.0418

  • Added gauges to interface panel
  • Added support to save control values in interface panel to file or internally
  • Added Tools.ToByte functions for creating raw bytes in messages to send to Arduino
  • Added click event for picture box
  • Added double-click, mouse down and mouse up for picture box and buttons
  • Added TCP Server
  • Added TCP Client
  • Added support for multicast DNS
  • Added extra baud rates
  • Improved: graph series are limited to 10,000 points by default (you can change the limit in the chart properties). This prevents MegunoLink from using up lots of memory when graphing for a long time

28 February 2018, 1.20.18059.0228

  • Bug fix: crash at startup if Arduino IDE isn’t installed.

25 February 2018, 1.20.18056.0225

  • New: open Arduino .ino files in the same folder as the MegunoLink project using Open Arduino code on the Open menu.
  • New: new examples to demonstrate MegunoLink visualizers on the start page.
  • New: added link to online documentation for each visualizer.
  • New: documentation visualizer for project files to include documentation.
  • Improved: MegunoLink library updated to version 1.14.
  • Improved: improved visualizer selector to make it easier to add visualizers without the start page.
  • Improved: refreshed MegunoLink icons.
  • Improved: added support to remember which file type was selected last for file open/save operations.
  • Improved: added support for user api-key and rate limiting for mapping visualizer so you can choose your own mapping plan.
  • Improved: added more detail and grouping to visualizer selector.
  • Bug fix: crash for some users when getting a list of COM ports.
  • Bug fix: crash when trying to set controls on interface panel with invalid values.
  • Bug fix: crash when closing MegunoLink for some users.
  • Bug fix: crash when multiplying decimal values by double values, eg on numeric up/down control value.

2 January 2018, 1.19.18001.101

  • New: added bulk programming (serial or parallel)
  • New: added test panel for self-test when programming
  • Improved: by popular demand, the “Open Local Document” button on the interface panel now supports exe and bat files.
  • Change: no-line style for graphs (#) causes a following line-width to be ignored. Previously the line-width overrode the no-line style.
  • Fix: crash when user attempts to save with invalid extension
  • Fix: crash when UDP connection is closed by remote device
  • Fix: creating a new connection after loading a project sometimes caused a crash.
  • Fix: crash when removing the serial connection component from an interface panel
  • Fix: crash for some users when using files as sources
  • Fix: bug where style wasn’t updated correctly for plots using channels
  • Fix: when deleting programming panels after reordering the panels, the wrong panel was removed from the UI

1 October 2017, Version 1.18.17239.0827

  • Update: refresh start page
  • New: added component to send a message just after connection
  • Fix: crash when closing MegunoLink experienced by a few users
  • Fix: .mlpz didn’t open properly from Windows Explorer

27 August 2017, Version 1.17.17239.0827

  • New: quick zoom options for the time-plot set the x-axis range to common time ranges
  • Update: MLP library updated to work with Due.
  • Update: updated to latest version of window docking library
  • Improved: new stream handling of serial port data improves serial reliability
  • Fix: report error when opening Arduino examples if the Arduino IDE isn’t installed

7 May 2017, Version 1.12.17127.507

  • New: Arduino integration now supports ESP8266 boards and will automatically disconnect serial ports in MegunoLink when the Arduino programs the board
  • Update: Updated AVRDude to version 6.3
  • Bug fix: fixed crash when using hardware handshaking on serial ports

9 April 2017, Version 1.11.17099.0409

  • New: set default selection in value list interface panel control
  • New: open web page from interface panel button
  • New: open local document from interface panel button
  • New: added support to reorder serial sources
  • New: added support to reorder programmers
  • Bug fix: scroll bars were too short for lines that included tab characters.
  • Bug fix: interface panel controls on hidden tab pages got hidden
  • Bug fix: interface panel controls lost their 3d style on older versions of windows.
  • Bug fix: unable to load new projects after trying to open a project that didn’t exist
  • Bug fix: some users get an error when applying interface panel with a command handler dependent on the message library

10 March 2017, Version 1.10.17069.310

  • New: can change the next report number now
  • New: added property DelaySendingChanges to TrackBarWithIndicator that causes the track bar to send values only after the mouse is released
  • New: added property ShowNumericValue to TrackBarWithIndicator to control appearance of numeric value next to track bar
  • New: added support to set visibility, enable, foreground colour and background colour of interface panel controls
  • New: added support change minimum, maximum values for trackbar, progress bar and numeric up/down control
  • New: added support to select values in value list by name
  • New: added dynamic label control. The text of the dynamic label control can be changed using a serial command
  • Updated: can paste paths into the report destination box; Windows folder browser dialog is such a pain!
  • Changed: interface panel now displays an error message when trying to send data if no port is connected rather than disabling all the controls. This way you can make changes before connecting the port.
  • Bug fix: fixed potential race-condition if two threads writing to one serial port.
  • Bug fix: apply button was disabled when interface panel is exported even when there were changes to apply
  • Bug fix: error when trying to edit MessageLibrary Messages collection
  • Bug fix: fixed crash when trying to load a non-existing default project
  • Bug fix: show error message if hex file doesn’t exist when uploading to Arduino
  • Bug fix: fixed crash when trying to reset microcontroller with RTS pin when hardware handshaking is using the RTS pin

21 January 2017, Version 1.7.17021.121

  • New: implemented menu entry to cancel speech in Message Monitor visualizer
  • New: added SetCurrent method to filter for initializing with measured values.
  • Update: added Arduino integration support for version 1.8 of IDE
  • Bug fix: DemoGrid wasn’t starting automatically
  • Bug fix: some users were seein a crash when saving to network shares
  • Bug fix: now displaying error message instead of crashing if trying to send XBee messages to non-XBee connection.
  • Bug fix: values from numeric up/down controls used a comma instead of a period when sending data in some locales. Changed to always use a period.

25 November 2016, Version 1.6.16330.1125

  • Bug fix: horizontal scroll-bar in Monitor window wasn’t visible for some users

20 November 2016, Version 1.6.16325.1120

  • New: added support to disable RTS line for boards that use this as a reset signal
  • New: added support to reset boards with the RTS, DTR or both lines
  • New: change next sequence number in reporting
  • Bug fix: report error message if web-browser can’t open URL
  • Bug fix: fixed crash if plot selection changed while editing a series
  • Bug fix: context menu wasn’t showing to rename visualizers
  • Bug fix: report sensible error when trying to open an incompatible project file
  • Bug fix: interface panel crashing when loading files with panels that hosted other visualizers

25 August 2016, Version 1.6.16238.825

  • Bug fix: user wasn’t prompted to save changes in some situations
  • Bug fix: visualizer toolbox incorrectly appearing in visualizer toolbox

18 August 2016, Version 1.6.16231.0818

  • New: added filtering example to Arduino library
  • New: added support to build-tool to include pre-processor definitions and global macros to configure build
  • New: added support to detect adding and removing serial ports. Disconnect automatically when ports are removed
  • Bug fix: Arduino integration setup was not working for some users
  • Bug fix: Unable to install Arduino upload monitor for version 1.6.10 of the Arduino IDE
  • Bug fix: fixed crash when alpha-numeric id wasn’t present when programming Melvyn Ids

13 March 2016, Version 1.5.16073.0313

  • Bug fix: Arduino integration setup was not working for some users

3 March 2016, Version 1.5.16063.0303

  • New: added panel to Program Devices visualizer to write Identifiers to device eeproms
  • New: added panel to Program Devices visualizer to download Flash and EEPROM memory to a file
  • New: scheduled report generation setting is saved in project file and restored when the project loads
  • New: Getting Started section to start page
  • New: support for multi-line titles in plots
  • New: added reporting support for log file visualizers
  • Improved: better handling of serial connection errors
  • Bug fix: out of range line width could crash the plotter visualizer
  • Bug fix: crash if two UDP connections are using the same port number
  • Bug fix: failed to report crashes for some users
  • Bug fix: custom install path didn’t work

26 December 2015, Version 1.5.15360.1226

  • New: support for setting variables using the command handler in the Arduino library
  • Bug fix: invalid axis range when starting/stoping time plot tracking
  • Bug fix: custom selection in channel selector wasn’t loaded properly from project file
  • Bug fix: removed auto-zoom when new data arrived as it was messing with fixed scaling
  • Improved: changed zoom-all button design so it is clearer

15 May 2015, Version 1.2.1505.1601

  • Fix bug with new monitor when scrolling past the start of the buffer in Windows 8.1
  • Fixed missing license agreement in Help→About menu
  • Included latest MLP Arduino Library with path fix for Mac users
  • Fix bug with new monitor window that caused crash for Windows 8.1 users
  • Fix bug saving projects that included plots

10 May 2015, Version 1.2.1505.1011

  • Plot Visualizers
    • New: change the background colour of a time plot or x-y plot
    • Bug: Fixed crash for some users when editing plot properties
    • New for Graph Visualizers: Added support to save plotting data to a text file
    • New for Graph Visualizers: Added support to copy plot data to the clipboard
  • Interface Panel Visualizer
    • New for Interface Plane: new picture box control that can be hidden using serial commands sent from the Arduino
    • Experimental: embedd a time plot into an interface panel
  • Serial Monitor
    • New monitor window supports pausing scrolling when receiving data, shows sent data and non-printable characters
  • Serial Message Monitor
    • New for Message Monitor: use the Windows speech synthesizier to speak the messages that come in
  • MegunoLink Pro Arduino Library
    • Update: removed references to prog_char for compatibility with Arduino version 1.6
  • Connection Manager
    • Fix: Some users experienced trouble with communicating with Yun and Leonardo boards. DTR support is enabled by default now to fix this.
    • New: Option to disable DTR. Disabling DTR stops most boards from resetting when you open the serial connection (though it will stop communication completely from the Leonardo). If you are using an Uno or Mega and don’t want them to reset when you open the serial connection, open the Advanced serial setting and check the box labeled Disable DTR
    • Bug fix: crash when using a file as a serial source
    • Bug: Crash when opening a document caused by conflicting port ids
    • Update: Arduino integration supports version 1.6.3 of the Arduino IDE and later now. This enables MLP to automatically detect when the Arduino IDE is uploading your sketch and release the serial port. It doesn’t work with the 1.5 series of the Arduino IDE, but version 1.6.3 and 1.0.5 are supported
    • Update: Autoconnect was removed since it didn’t work well for a lot of users
  • XBee Manager
    • New for XBee Manager: added option to enable network watchdog
    • Bug fix for XBee Manager: crash when attempting to get settings for a node that no longer exists
    • Update for XBee Manager: increased maximum packet size to 130 bytes
  • Visual Studio Build Tool
    • Update: New libraries created with the Visual Studio Arduino Build tool include a property file so they can be referenced from programs.
    • New: Visual Studio Arduino Build Tool reports program size at the end of build
    • New: Added support for SparkFun’s 3.3 V Mega Pro 2560 to the Visual Studio Build Tool (; should work for any AtMega 2560 boards running at 8MHz.
    • Bug fix for Visual Studio Arduino Build Tool: c-language files in the Arduino user library weren’t included properly in builds
  • General
    • Bug: Fixed bug where documents containing sources with empty names crashed MegunoLink Pro
    • Bug: Fixed bug where MegunoLink Pro window layout changed for some users when they entered license keys
    • Update: Visualizers get sorted on the start page and in menus so they are easier to find
    • Update for Setup: User is warned if they are not an administrator when installing the .NET runtime

16 January 2015, Version 1.1.1501.1605

  • Fixed crash on startup for some users

15 January 2015, Version 1.1.1501.1503

  • New: support for milliseconds when sending time for plotting
  • New: send/receive data using XBee Series 2 modules in API mode
  • New: setup file is now signed
  • Fixed crash when sending data via UDP
  • Fixed crash when opening source manager with a file source connected

31 October 2014, Version 1.1.1410.3104

  • New: import interface panels from other MLP project files
  • New: path in tool-tip for recent files on Startup visualizer
  • New: added example program for data table
  • Improved: Arduino build tool for Visual Studio no longer stops at first error; better support for library projects
  • Fixed bug where graph legend didn’t work for some users
  • Fixed bug with invalid data table messages causing crash
  • Fixed bug that caused crash if user cancelled Arduino setup integration at user access control prompt
  • Fixed crash in mapping visualizer
  • Fixed bug where device type sometimes wasn’t selected correctly when project loaded
  • Fixed bug when multiple values are included for data-step plotting
  • Fixed bug when receiving multiple xy or time-plot points in a single message

2 June 2014, Version 1.1.1406.0201

  • New: added support to clear message monitor window using the clear command.
  • Improved: new sources are automatically applied to visualizers that don’t already have a source selected
  • Improved: last report time is displayed in status bar
  • Improved: sound played when manual report is generated.
  • Bug fix: crash if button panel tried to send to a file stream.
  • Bug fix: relative paths in program device and log to file did not always behave correctly.

6 April 2014, Version 1.1.1404.0601

  • New: sending [Now()] to the table will substitute the computers current time. Useful to see if programs are rebooting when no-one’s watching!
  • Fixed bug where Arduino integration setup would fail for version 1.0.5-r2
  • Improved: Arduino integration setup will show up in task bar
  • Improved: Arduino integration setup will offer to report errors to us

21 March 2014, Version 1.1.1403.2102

  • Bug fix: installing Arduino Integration Features prevented Arduino IDE uploading for some users.
  • Bug fix: serial data wasn’t displayed correctly in the monitor when time stamping was turned on.
  • Bug fix: crash if sending table data to a source that didn’t support sending.
  • Bug fix: crash if auto-connecting to a file source that didn’t exist.
  • Improved: installing Arduino Integration detects compatibility with Arduino IDE version.

12 March 2014, Version 1.1.1403.1201

  • New: Added EEPromStore helper to MegunoLink Pro Arduino library
  • New: Added timer, circular buffer and filter classes to MegunoLink Pro Arduino library
  • New: added support for no-line style when sending series styles from Arduino.
  • New: Visual Studio Arduino build tool now works with Arduino ino files.
  • New: added examples for sending CMD and GET commands to Interface Panel message processor.
  • Improved: Arduino integration installer prompts for access for non-administrator users now
  • Bug fix: crashed if port couldn’t be opened after uploading program
  • Bug fix: crashed when opening a new project after removing a serial source
  • Bug fix: some users seeing crash when changing name of file sources
  • Bug fix: time stamping settings weren’t restored for logging when loading a project.
  • Bug fix: channel wasn’t saved for logging and message monitor visualizers
  • Bug fix: graph didn’t update when title properties were set from Arduino
  • Improved: Added support for Visual Studio 2013 to Arduino Build tool

11 February 2014, Version 1.1.1402.1101

  • New: added installer for MegunoLink Pro Arduino Library
  • New: track bar control supports horizontal and vertical orientation
  • New: added radio button controls to Interface Panel.
  • New: timer component to send serial messages periodically
  • New: added support to convert decimal values to integers when sending messages from the Interface Panel using Tools.ToInt(NumberControl.Value)
  • New: plotting series styles can be set using a style message
  • New: Initial support for Visual Studio 2013 by build tool installer
  • Bug fix: crash when selecting item in value list control
  • Bug fix: not selecting by value correctly in interface panel list control
  • Bug fix: control names in Interface Panel toolbox weren’t correct

20 December 2013, Version 1.1.1312.2001

  • Bug fix: interface panel sent messages whenever new design was loaded
  • Bug fix: message processor tried to process received messages when in design mode causing exception
  • Bug fix: events on design form weren’t released properly when form was closed. Caused error when closing interface panel visualizer

13 December 2013, Version 1.1.1312.1301

  • New: DemoGrid example provides a guided tour of MegunoLink Pro
  • Bug fix: send box wasn’t available even though a serial port was connected
  • Bug fix: couldn’t set value of text box using Arduino command in Interface Panel
  • Bug fix: serial source not found for projects that contained old auto-ports
  • Bug fix: crash if reporting folder was empty when loading a project
  • Bug fix: crash if series name was missing from graph messages

29 November 2013, Version 1.1.1311.2917

  • New: Interface Panel has been upgraded with more controls and flexible layout. The old Interface Panel remains as the Button Panel visualizer.
  • New: save Visualizer layouts as templates for new projects.
  • New: use a text file as a source
  • New: example temperature controller project demonstrates MegunoLink Pro without needing an Arduino to generate serial data.
  • Improved: visualizer selector now defaults to docked, rather than hidden. You can still hide it using the push pin in the window’s title bar.
  • Improved: MegnoLink Pro now tracks changes to projects and only prompts to save changes when necessary.
  • Improved: Arduino Upload monitor now works with Arduino IDE 1.5.4. Support for Leonardo boards is still in progress.
  • Bug fix: Mapping visualizer was broken due to a change in the web service we use. Now fixed.
  • Bug fix: fixed problem in example project that caused failure when uploading to Mega. Apply the update to the Visual Studio Build Tool after installing MegunoLink Pro
  • Bug fix: fixed problem in Visual Studio Build Tool when project path contains spaces.
  • Bug fix: multi-threaded contention problem that caused lock-up for some users
  • Bug fix: installation of MegunoLink Pro was not elevated properly for some users
  • Bug fix: relative paths containing spaces weren’t handled correctly by the uploader tool.

10 October 2013, Version 1.0.1310.0803

  • New: Added support for Arduino library projects to the Visual Studio build tool.
  • New: axis limits and titles for XY plots and charts are now saved with the project file.
  • New: series symbols, colours and line styles can be set in serial messages.
  • New: documents are saved to a temporary file so any errors do not wipe out the user’s project.
  • New: series with the same name in multiple plot windows will have the same style. Series styles are saved in the project file.
  • New: MegunoLink Pro projects open when double clicked in Windows Explorer
  • Improved: Visual Studio Arduino build tool now writes current file to build output to show progress
  • Bug fix: relative paths were not correctly created from paths that contain spaces.
  • Bug fix: devices in uploader were not updated correctly when a project was opened.
  • Bug fix: removed no-stop bits option from advanced port configuration. This value is not supported by the serial port.
  • Bug fix: crash when closing graph windows if data ready for plotting.
  • Increased trial period to 30 days

15 September 2013, Version 1.0.1309.1501

  • New: added last value received to Graph summary table.
  • New: improved setup program to automatically download prerequisites, if required.
  • Fixed bugs in Visual Studio Arduino Build Tool
    • Fixed crash when cancelling install
    • Fixed Pro Mini configuration: was building with wrong mega variant, not standard.
  • Fixed crash when closing graph while data was still being received.
  • Fixed crash in AVRDude programming tool if a new file was detected before the previous one had finished uploading to the Arduino.

3 September 2013, Version 1.0.1309.0301

9 August 2013, Version 1.0.1308.0907

  • Added support for negative limits on Interface Panel slider control
  • Added support for custom serial configuration to the connection manager
  • Added support to duplicate a visualizer by right-click on the tab title
  • Fixed bug in plotting visualizer that caused crash on missing data
  • Removed trial information from Start visualizer for registered users
  • Fixed bug in slider control on Interface Panel where button was not sending slider messages
  • Fixed crash when trying to send an empty string with the serial monitor
  • Fixed crash when starting a second instance of MegunoLink Pro

29 July 2013, Version 0.2.1307.2905

  • Added clear-on-send check box to monitor window. Automatically clears the send text after sending the message when checked.
  • Improved error message when port was not connected before trying to connect. Now access the connection manager directly.

16 July 2013, Version 0.2.1307.1606

  • Arduino IDE upload monitor now fails gracefully when multiple instances of MegunoLink are running. Only one instance will receive disconnect messages; activate/ deactivate monitoring in the setup dialog.
  • Added support to remove files from recent files list.

15 July 2013, Version 0.2.1307.1501

  • Public beta release

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