Every project needs a box or enclosure if only to keep the rain off, and 3D printers have made it easy design and build custom boxes. Here you’ll find some the boxes we’ve designed for our projects using Blender. Both the original Blender file and STL files you can send straight to the printer are provided so you can modify the design or print it directly. Post a note in the comments if you find any of these designs useful!


This is a small box originally designed for our Garage Door Opener project. It will fit the EtherTen, with enough height for a shield and some space along side for a relay board. The EtherTen board is pretty tight and doesn’t really have enough room for bolt heads, so we printed some pins to hold the board in place. The base includes posts for screws that should be threaded with an M3 tap. The box is 12 x 9.5 x 5 cm, small enough for most ABS printers. We used the Up! Plus2 for ours.


Box for Garage Door Opener project.

Blender source file for the EtherTen enclosure.

STL files for 3D printing the EtherTen enclosure.

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