The MegunoLink library for Arduino supports:

Arduino Integration

See our getting started with Arduino integration guide for an overview of how MegunoLink and the Arduino IDE work together to help you create your project.


There are three ways to get the MegunoLink Arduino library:

  1. Install it using MegunoLink’s Arduino Integration tool.
  2. Install it using the Arduino IDE’s library manager. Simply search “MegunoLink” in the filter box (this video can guide you through the process).
  3. Download the latest version from GitHub, then copy it into your Arduino libraries folder

Reporting Issues

If you encounter any problems or have suggestions to improve the Arduino library please use either GitHub’s issue tracker or contact us.


The MegunoLink library for Arduino is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0. This means you may use the library as part of a commercial project (including independently of MegunoLink).

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