We have packaged an Arduino library with MegunoLink Pro. The library contains:

  1. Visualizer classes to send data from your Arduino sketches to MegunoLink
  2. An Arduino serial command handler: decodes serial commands & executes functions
  3. An EEPROM template to make it easy to save structured data in the EEPROM
  4. A wrapper for the millis() timer to make it easier to write timer driven code
  5. A filter for smoothing noisy data
  6. A circular buffer template for storing data in arrays

Download & Installation

There are two ways to get the MegunoLink Pro Arduino library:

  1. Install it using MegunoLink’s Arduino Integration tool.
  2. Download the latest version from GitHub, then copy it into your Arduino libraries folder

If you install the library within MegunoLink Pro, install our Arduino upload monitor at the same time. The Arduino upload monitor detects when you upload programs using the serial port on most Arduino boards. When the upload is detected, MegunoLink Pro automatically disconnects from the port so that it doesn’t block the upload.

The Arduino library and upload monitor can both be installed by selecting Setup Arduino Integration from the MegunoLink Pro gear menu. If you don’t already have it, you can download a free trial of MegunoLink Pro.

In the Arduino Integration setup tool, set the path where you installed the Arduino IDE (the folder containing Arduino.exe), select the options you’d like to install, then hit the Update Installation button.

Arduino library setup dialog

To insall MegunoLink Pro integration features, select Setup Arduino Integration from the gear menu, set the path to your Arduino installation, select the required features and press the Update Installation button.

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  • Leonardo Aldana

    how can i sen and receive commands by UDP, do you have and example?


    How can I download filter.h . I looked over the internet sites and I can fine it. Your company much have it to sell and how can I download it.
    I am looking for Arduino code without using delay code to average 4 analog inputs to read on 16×2 LCD using I2C
    to read the 4 analog inputs and I do not need to send data to plotter.
    The delay code for averaging slow down my pwm output to run 2 pwm motors when I looking at the pwm outputs with my oscilloscope and I can see the delay so I am looking for a Arduino code without using delay for averaging the analog inputs.
    I hope you can answer these questions and see what I need to do .
    Thank You

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