We have packaged an Arduino library with MegunoLink. The library contains:

  1. Visualizer classes to send data from your Arduino sketches to MegunoLink visualizers. Using the visualizer classes you can easily send data to:
  2. An Arduino serial command handler: decodes serial commands & executes functions on your Arduino
  3. A TCP Command Handler: decodes commands sent over a TCP Connection to execute functions in your ESP32/ESP8266 Arduino sketch
  4. An EEPROM template to make it easy to save structured data in the Arduino’s EEPROM
  5. A wrapper for the millis() timer to make it easier to write timer driven Arduino code
  6. A filter for smoothing noisy data
  7. A circular buffer template for storing data in arrays

Download & Installation

There are three ways to get the MegunoLink Arduino library:

  1. Install it using MegunoLink’s Arduino Integration tool.
  2. Install it using the Arduino IDE’s library manager. Simply search “MegunoLink” in the filter box (this video can guide you through the process).
  3. Download the latest version from GitHub, then copy it into your Arduino libraries folder

Arduino Upload Monitor

If you install the library within MegunoLink, install our Arduino upload monitor at the same time. The Arduino upload monitor detects when you upload programs using the serial port on most Arduino boards. When the upload is detected, MegunoLink automatically disconnects from the port so that it doesn’t block the upload.

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