Builder lets you easily distribute your MegunoLink projects.

Builder packages the projects you create with MegunoLink into standard Windows installers. Then your users can install and use the interface you’ve built in MegunoLink, without needing a separate MegunoLink license.

Use MegunoLink to create simple interfaces for your prototypes, logging data, or plotting measurements. Then use Builder to share your work with colleagues.

Builder bundles your project, with a special version of MegunoLink, into a single file that you can easily share by email, Dropbox, or a website.

Extra content, such as documentation or .hex files, can be included with the installer. And you can brand the application with your own logo, website and support e-email address. Your users will be able start your application from a short-cut on the start menu but they can’t modify your project so your design will remain intact.

stand-alone project

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