Megunolink is a user interface and development tool for Arduino and other microcontrollers
Megunolink provides you with data plotting and monitoring tools to kickstart and easily manage your projects


A tool for building interfaces for your Arduino, and other microcontrollers.

Talk with your Arduino

Graph your data

Graph your data

MegunoLink will plot data sent from your Arduino in real-time.

  • See what your sensors are measuring
  • Spot trends
  • Export pictures and data
  • Our Arduino library helps get you started
Build a user interface

Build a user interface

Design a custom user interface to control your Arduino. Trigger measurements, start experiments, configure and see how your creation is functioning.

  • buttons
  • sliders
  • number boxes
  • text boxes
  • image
Make a table

Make a table

Have your Arduino send measurements to a table for a quick overview.

Our Arduino library means one line of code and the table comes to life with your data.



Where in the world is your Arduino?

Send GPS coordinates to MegunoLink's mapping visualizer to mark the spot.

Save the serial stream for later

Save the serial stream for later

Use MegunoLink's logging tool to capture all the data sent by the Arduino into a file with option date/timestamp.

Monitor serial communications

Monitor serial communications

View all serial communication with your Arduino in real time. Received and sent.


Use a message channel for only the data you want to capture.



There are many ways to connect with your Arduino:

  • USB/RS232 serial port(most common)
  • XBee Pro Series 2(wireless)
  • UDP(ethernet)

Mix and match to connect all your devices at once.

Supported hardware

Supported hardware

MegunoLink supports any hardware that uses serial, XBee Pro Series 2, or Ethernet including:

  • Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Pro Mini
  • Arduino Micro
  • Arduino Nano
  • Arduino Mega
  • Arduino Yun
  • Arduino Ethernet Shield
  • Arduino Lillypad
  • Ethermega
  • Ether Ten
  • Raspberry Pi
  • I just love it! I have tried dozens of other options and it took me like a year to get to MegunoLink. There are a lot of people looking for exactly something like this and they do crazy things to get a plot from Arduino. I have no idea why they do not use MegunoLink.

    Krzysztof W.
  • Thanks! I no longer need to install hardware switches, it's so easy to just use the interface panel.

  • Megunolink has proven to be a useful piece of software. It gives you a friendly and powerful connection to all the data from your microcontroller, and also a simple GUI for control via serial.

    John Boxall
  • Best feature – speed of setup.

    Murray Cox
  • MegunoLink is a very useful product to rapidly create interactive interfaces when your application needs to display data and simple controls.

    Luca Lucadentella
  • I have been using MegunoLink for a few months. It's the best Serial Plot software I have to say.  Great Job!

  • I have been using MegunoLink Pro for the last couple of weeks and having an awesome experience with the real time plotting of serial data from my Arduino Boards.

    Abhinaba Masters Student

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