MegunoLink works with the Arduino IDE in a couple of ways:

  • We have a standard Arduino library for sending data to MegunoLink graphs, tables, maps and interfaces. This saves you from building the messages yourself. Just #include "MegunoLink.h"
  • MegunoLink will automatically release a serial port if the Arduino IDE needs it to upload your program. Just install the Upload Monitor

Both the Arduino Library and the Upload Monitor can be installed with our Arduino Integration tool.

Arduino Library

Arduino library makes it easy to send data and commands to MegunoLink visualizers. Simply include the library to get started:

Check out the library reference for more information, including support for handling serial commands, filtering, and storing data in the EEPROM.

Upload Monitor

The Upload Monitor makes it easier to use MegunoLink and the Arduino IDE at the same time.

On many devices, the Arduino IDE uses the same serial port for uploading new sketches that MegunoLink uses for monitoring data. Both programs can’t be using the serial port at the same time so this can cause a conflict.

Our upload monitor is triggered when the Arduino IDE uploads a program to your Arduino. MegunoLink automatically releases the serial port so the upload can continue. When the upload completes, MegunoLink will reconnect to the serial port to monitor your data.

Installing Arduino Integration

You can install and remove the Arduino Library and Upload Monitor by selecting Setup Arduino integration from the gear menu.

Install Arduino Integration

Select Setup Arduino Integration to install the upload-monitor and Arduino libraries

  1. Select Setup Arduino Integration from the gear menu to get started. Windows may prompt you for permission. MegunoLink has to write files into the Arduino folder to install the integration features so you will need to click the Yes button to continue.
  2. For the MegunoLink library simply click the install button. This will copy the library files to the standard directory used by the Arduino IDE for user libraries (C:\ Username\Documents\Arduino\libraries).
  3. For the upload monitor, browse to the folder where you installed the Arduino IDE. This folder contains Arduino.exe. If you use the standard installer then the files typically end up here C:\ Program Files (x86)\Arduino.
  4. Once the directory has been selected simply hit the Update/Install button.
    Setup Arduino Integration

    Install our Arduino libraries and Upload Monitor for integration between MegunoLink and the Arduino IDE.

What's Next?

Now you have our Arduino integration setup you are ready to:

This is just a small selection of what you can do with MegunoLink. Check out our documentation contents off to the right to start exploring.

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