The Start Program component runs a program on your computer when it is triggered by a serial command from your Arduino program. Only programs in the folder where your MegunoLink project is saved can be started with this component. If you need to run a program in another folder, create a batch file in the MegunoLink project folder that starts the program and run the batch file with this component.

File Button control properties
Property Access Type Method Description
Program Design only string The relative path to the file to open when the component is triggered.
Arguments Design only string Arguments to pass to the application when the file is opened. Arguments may include expressions.
OnExitSend Design only string The command to send to your Arduino sketch when the program exits.
CreateNoWindow Design only bool Controls creation of a new console window for the program
LastResult Expressions only string The exit code from the program started when the button was clicked.

The component supports the following methods to start the selected program.

Start Program component methods
Name Returns Description
Run() void Starts the program.
Run(string ExtraArguments) void Starts the program appending the supplied ExtraArguments to the Arguments property.

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