The ValueList control provides a list style selector of named values. It is particularly useful for selecting bit-wise flag values. The selected value can be set by the user or by a connected device. The ValueList control can send a message to a connected device whenever the selection changes and can be updated by commands sent from your Arduino sketch.

Use the collection editor on the NamedValues property to set the values in the list. Each value is an unsigned, 32-bit number.

Value list collection editor

Edit the values in the list using the NamedValues collection editor

ValueList control properties
Property Access Type Method Description
NamedValues Design-only Collection The collection of named values that the user can select from
DefaultSelection Design-only Integer Index of the item that should be selected initially
SelectionMode Design-only bool Controls whether the user can select 1, many or no items from the list.
IntegralHeight Design-only bool When true, the value list height is adjusted automatically so that only complete items are shown in the list
HorizontalScrollBar Design-only bool A horizontal scrollbar is shown when true so the user can scroll to see items wider than the list
OnSelectionChangedSend Design-only string Sets the command sent to a remote device when a new item is selected from the list
ScrollAlwaysVisible Design-only bool When true, scroll bars are always shown regardless of the number of items in the list
SelectedIndex Read/write int SetListIndex The row number of the selected item (starting from 0). Only supported when SelectionMode is One
SelectedName Read/write int SetListName The name of the selected item. Only supported when SelectionMode is One
Value Read/write UInt32 SetListValue The selected value. If multiple values are selected, calculates a bit-wise OR for all selected items

This control also supports all the common control properties.

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