MegunoLink gets values for the map visualizer from specially formatted commands in serial streams. Each command must be surrounded by braces (‘{‘ and ‘}‘). Any text that is not within braces is ignored by MegunoLink. The MegunoLink Arduino library provides a simpler method for sending data to map visualizers.

The general format of table messages is: {MAP:channel-name|command|command data}

  • The channel-name argument is optional. If present, it selects the table-channel.
  • The command argument is required. Only one command is supported currently: SET.
  • The value of the command data argument depends on the command.

Set Command

The SET updates the location a named marker on the map visualizer. The location name, latitude and longitude are provided in the command data, separated by pipe (‘|‘) characters.

{MAP|SET|Middle Earth|-37.835989|175.70061}: sets the position of a location named ‘Middle Earth’ to a latitude of -37.835989 and longitude of 175.70061.

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