The MLP UI Message Processor component responds to messages sent to an interface panel from an Arduino or other serial source. It allows the Arduino to:

Send commands and data to the MLP UI Message Processor using our Arduino interface panel library. See MLP UI Raw Message Format reference if you are not using an Arduino.

MLP UI Message Processor component properties
Property Access Type Method Description
ChannelName Design-only String The message channel that the processor should process messages for. Processes all channels when blank.
Library Design-only MessageLibrary The message library where commands used by the Arduino to request data from an interface panel are stored.
ResponseFormat Design-only BangProtocol | BraceProtocol Sets the format of responses to messages requesting control values. Use the BangProtocol for responses that are compatible with MegunoLink’s Arduino command handler or the BraceProtocol to receive responses in the MegunoLink brace protocol
Name Design-only String The name of the component.

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