MegunoLink identifies commands for the test monitor panel commands from specially formatted messages in serial streams. Each command must be surrounded by braces (‘{‘ and ‘}‘). This page documents the command protocol used for test monitor panels. The MegunoLink Arduino library provides a simpler method for sending test monitor panel commands.

The general format of test monitor messages is: {TEST|command|command data}

  • The command argument is required. It should be one of START, DONE, PASS or FAIL.
  • The value of the command data argument depends on the command.

Scheduled reporting does not support message channels.

Start Command

Informs MegunoLink that a test is about to start. MegunoLink resets all test results to unknown and starts waiting for test results.


{TEST|START}: start a test.

Done Command

Informs MegunoLink that all the test results have been sent. MegunoLink reports the overall test result and continues with the next step in the programming sequence (if any).


{TEST|DONE}: ends a test.

Sending test results

Test results are sent with the PASS or FAIL commands. Tests can be identified by name or by TestId. Data, providing additional information about the test result, may be optionally included. This data is displayed for the user in the test result panel. The TestId or name and optional data are sent in the the |command data and separated by the pipe (‘|‘) character.


  • {TEST|PASS|3}: set the test with id of 3 to pass.
  • {TEST|PASS|3|3010mV}: set the test with an id of 3 to pass test result data to 3010mV.
  • {TEST|FAIL|Battery}: set the test named Battery to failed.
  • {TEST|FAIL|Battery|1180mV}: set the test named Battery to failed and test result data to 1180mV.

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