A message library component stores a collection of messages that can be sent to a serial channel. Message libraries are most useful when several controls send the same message.

A MLPUIMessageProcessor can send messages from a message library when the CMD command is received by the message processor. So a message library also provides a mechanism for an embedded program to query information from an Interface Panel.

Event Action Properties

Message libraries do not expose any event action properties.

Message Expression Properties

The text box control exposes the following properties for use in serial messages:

  • Name (String): the name of the control [read-only]

Message Expression Methods

Message libraries expose the following methods for use in serial messages:

  • Get(MessageName)
  • GetData(MessageName)

String Get(String MessageName)

Returns the message named MessageName as a string

Byte[] GetData(String MessageName)

Returns the message named MessageName as an array of bytes.

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  • Tim T


    I was wondering if there is a way to have the micro send a message to change the color of a button on an interface panel? I’ve tried a couple ways and can’t seem to get this to work. Is it possible?


    • Philip Rowe

      Hi Tim, unfortunately the button control doesn’t allow you to adjust its settings from the Arduino end.

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