The Message Monitor extracts specially tagged text from the serial stream. It lets you pull out logs, specific data or messages from all the other serial data. Using Channels, you can setup several different windows and send different text to each one. For example, you might have a debug channel and a data log channel.

Message Monitor compared with Serial Monitor

The Message Monitor visualizer (right) displays text tagged with the MESSAGE command, separating it from the rest of the serial stream (left).

The Message Monitor supports sending commands, auto-scrolling, time-stamped lines etc. See Serial Monitoring Overview for more information.

It also talks! Using our Arduino library, messages sent to the message monitor can be spoken to you.

Sending Data from an Arduino to the Message Monitor

The Message Monitor looks for special commands in the serial stream to find the data it should display.

On the Arduino, you can send these commands using our Arduino Message Monitor Library.

After you install the MegunoLink Arduino library:

  1. Add #include "MegunoLink.h" to the top of your Arduino program
  2. Create a Message variable
  3. Call Send to send values, or Begin() and End() to send chunks of text

This simple example sends the current voltage on analog channel 0 to a Message Monitor every 2 s.

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