The MegunoLink Overview provides a comprehensive summary of the tools MegunoLink has available for your Arduino project. These getting started guides walk you through the key steps so you can get started with your project quickly.

Installing MegunoLink

To install MegunoLink:

  1. Download the latest MegunoLink setup program,
  2. Double click the downloaded file to run the installer (check out the installation guide if you get stuck),
  3. Start MegunoLink then setup Arduino integration. Arduino integration setup includes the MegunoLink library for Arduino and an upload monitor to automatically release serial ports when you upload a program to your Arduino.

MegunoLink User Interface Overview

The diagram below shows the most important parts of the MegunoLink user interface.

MegunoLink Main Window

Getting Started Guides

Begin with these 3 guides, which will introduce key MegunoLink concepts:

  1. What is a visualizer?, which introduces the MegunoLink user interface,
  2. Arduino Integration, which describes how MegunoLink integrates with the Arduino platform, and
  3. Making a serial connection, which walks you through receiving and using serial data in MegunoLink.

Follow on with guides specific to your project:

  • Plotting data: when you’re ready to send data from your Arduino sketch to MegunoLink for plotting.
  • Build an Arduino interface: to start assemblying a user interface that sends commands to your Arduino sketch using a variety of controls, such as buttons and gauges.
  • Process serial commands with an Arduino: to use our command handler library to receive serial commands, then decode and dispatch them to functions in your Arduino sketch.
  • Arduino examples: a comprehensive list of examples you can use as a starting point for your own project.

You’ll find comprehensive documentation indexed in the side panel (below on mobile) when you are ready to dive deeper.

Then visit our forum to tell us about your project or get some help. We love seeing how people are using MegunoLink.

Next Step

Learn about visualizers, the core of MegunoLink’s user interface.

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