It is common when building installers for software to include an end user license agreement (EULA). Builder allows you to insert a custom EULA when creating the installer. This guide will show you step by step how to add a custom EULA.

Create a Rich Text Format File

The first step is to create a .rtf file in your project directory. Open this file, usually in word, and modify it with the license text you desire.

Open up the license file

In Builder enter the name of the custom license file. In this example “CustomLicense.rtf”. This uses a relative path to the Builder project file so its best to put your custom license file in the same directory as your project file. If the path is correct you will get a tick in the task list next to “Optional custom license valid”.

Open up the license file

Click “Build Installer” to generate the custom installer which will now include your custom EULA. When you run the installer your EULA will be shown and the user will need to agree to it before the installer will take its next steps.

Video Example

This video shows the same process above.

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