The flow layout panel is a control which contains other controls. The flow layout panel automatically positions the child controls stacking either horizontally or vertically. Child controls will wrap to the next row or column automatically, or can be clipped to the size of the flow layout panel. The flow layout panel helps you create dynamic user interfaces that resize automatically when the size of the Interface Panel changes.

Flow Layout Panel.

An orange Flow Layout Panel is docked to the top edge. Content wrapping (see table below) and auto-sizing are both set to true.

Flow layout panel control properties
Property Access Type Method Description
FlowDirection Design-only FlowDirection Sets the direction to layout child controls in the panel. Available options are: TopDown, LeftToRight, RightToLeft and BottomUp.
WrapContents Design-only bool Sets whether the control should wrap child controls when the contents are is wider (or taller) than the control, or clip the contents to the size of the control.

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