This page describes the functions and methods supported by the Report class in the MegunoLink Arduino library to control scheduled reporting. You must configure the report destination and visualizers to include in reports before using the Report class.

See test monitor panel if you want to report self-test results to the test monitor panel.


The following methods are available for Report objects:

Detailed Descriptions

Report Constructor

Creates a report variable, which can be used to send commands to MegunoLink to control scheduled reporting.

Report(Print &Destination = Serial)

Name Type Required? Description
Destination Print& No Sets the serial channel for communicating with MegunoLink. Defaults to Serial, the default Arduino RS232 port.


Commands MegunoLink to immediately generate a report. This could be used to create a report after your Arduino sketch finishes collecting experimental data.



Sends a command to enable or disable scheduled reporting in MegunoLink.

EnablePeriodicReports(bool Enable = true)

Name Type Required? Description
Enable bool No Controls whether scheduled reporting is enabled or disabled in MegunoLink. Defaults to true, which enables scheduled reporting. Pass false to disable scheduled reports.

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