The Open local document button opens a supported file when the button is clicked. The Filename property sets the name and relative path of the file. Files are relative to the folder where the MegunoLink project is saved. The file types supported are:

  • .txt text file
  • .pdf Adobe® Acrobat file
  • .html web page file
  • .exe program
  • .bat batch file

Documents are opened in the file type’s default application; the same program that is opened when you double-click the file in Windows Explorer.

The file to open is set using the Filename property. The Filename must be relative to the MegunoLink project file directory. Use the Arguments property to include parameters that will be included when the document is opened. Arguments can include expressions involving other controls in the interface panel.

Open local document control properties
Property Access Type Method Description
Text Design-only string The label displayed on the button
Filename Design only string The relative path to the file to open when the button is clicked.
Arguments Design only string Arguments to pass to the application when the file is opened. Arguments may include expressions.
OnExitSend Design only string The command to send to your Arduino sketch when the program exits.
LastResult Expressions only string The exit code from the program started when the button was clicked.

This control also supports all the common control properties.

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