Table visualizers present values sent from your Arduino sketch in a table by parsing specially formatted messages. Two table visualizers are available in MegunoLink:

The property table is a specialist table that lists property values — named values with an optional description or unit. It is particularly useful for displaying measurements or configuration parameters without building a full interface panel. Values in the property table can be exported to a text file, using scheduled reporting, or copied to the clipboard, for transfer to another application.

Property table visualizer
The property table visualizer is used to display summary information and status updates from your Arduino sketch.

The record table is a more general table with as many columns and rows as you like. Your Arduino sketch can treat it like a database table, appending rows of data, or like a spreadsheet, writing data to individual cells.

Neither table is limited to data from your Arduino sketch. You can also add and edit data from within MegunoLink to augment information supplied from your program.

Records Table visualizer
The Records Table visualizer is used to display rows of data sent from your Arduino sketch.

Use the Table and RecordTable classes in our Arduino library to send data to tables from your Arduino sketch. If you are not using an Arduino compatible device, or prefer to send raw messages, the table message reference describes the format expected by MegunoLink’s table visualizers.

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