Series styles set the color, marker and line-styles of series plotted on graphs. Series properties can be set by:

  1. using the SetSeriesProperties(…) function in your Arduino sketch (see below),
  2. including series properties when sending data to time plots or XY plots from your Arduino sketch,
  3. using the Series Properties editor in MegunoLink, or
  4. setting default styles in MegunoLink.

Both cases support functions that take the styles as individual arguments or combined into a property string. Using individual arguments or a property string produces the same result; pick whichever method you find easier.

SetSeriesProperties(SeriesName, Color, LineStyle, LineWidth, MarkerStyle, AxisOption)
Set the color, line-style, line-width, marker style and axis used for plotting the series named SeriesName.

SetSeriesProperties(SeriesName, SeriesProperties)
Sets one or more of the color, line-style, line-width and marker style used for plotting the given series with a series style string.

Refer to the Time Plot and XY Plot Arduino library reference pages for functions to SendData with series styling.


Used to set the color of lines and markers on plots, Colors is an enumerated type defined in the Plot class. To use a color, include the class name. For example: Plot::Red. The colors defined are:

  • Plot::Red
  • Plot::Green
  • Plot::Blue
  • Plot::Yellow
  • Plot::Black
  • Plot::Magenta
  • Plot::Cyan
  • Plot::White

Line Styles

Used to set the style for drawing lines on plots, LineStye is an enumeration defined in the Plot class. To use a line-style, include the class name. For example: Plot::Dashed.

  • Plot::NoLine
  • Plot::Solid
  • Plot::Dashed
  • Plot::Dotted
  • Plot::DashDot
  • Plot::DashDotDot

Marker Styles

Used to set the shape for drawing points on plots, MarkerStyle is an enumeration defined in the Plot class. Include this class name to use the marker-style. For example: Plot::Square. The marker-styles available are:

  • Plot::NoMarker
  • Plot::Square
  • Plot::Diamond
  • Plot::Triangle
  • Plot::Circle
  • Plot::Cross
  • Plot::Plus
  • Plot::DownwardTriangle
  • Plot::FilledSquare
  • Plot::FilledDiamond
  • Plot::FilledCircle

Axis Option

Used to force a series to a particular y-axis, Axis is an enumeration defined in the Plot class. To use an axis option, include the class name. For example: Plot::RightAxis. The axis options available are:

  • Plot::DefaultAxis: the axis is not changed
  • Plot::LeftAxis: place the series on the left y-axis
  • Plot::RightAxis: place the series on the right y-axis

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