MegunoLink uses MapQuest’s API to request maps for the mapping visualizer. The API key is used to authorize requests to MapQuest’s API and is shared among MegunoLink users. The mapping visualizer is limited to updating the map every 10 seconds and updates may be rate limited by other users. However, MegunoLink can use your own MapQuest API key.

MapQuest API key dialog

Enter your API key from MapQuest’s developer site in the space provided.

Request your own API key from MapQuest if you will use the mapping visualizer regularly or require more frequent updates. They have a several pricing plans, including a free tier. Visit MapQuest’s developer site, create an account and follow the directions on the site to request your own API key.

Click the API key button (Edit API key) on the map visualizer toolbar to open API Key dialog and set your own MapQuest API in your MegunoLink project. Select the User Key option and enter your key in the box provided. Optionally, adjust the maximum update rate if you want the map to update more frequently or want to limit updates. These settings will be saved in your MegunoLink project file so you don’t need to enter them every time.

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