MegunoLink identifies scheduled reporting commands from specially formatted messages in serial streams. Each command must be surrounded by braces (‘{‘ and ‘}‘). This page documents the command protocol used for scheduled reporting. The MegunoLink Arduino library provides a simpler method for sending scheduled reporting commands.

The general format of scheduled reporting messages is: {REPORT|command|command data}

  • The command argument is required. It should be one of SAVE or ENABLE.
  • The value of the command data argument depends on the command.

Scheduled reporting does not support message channels.

Save Command

The SAVE command causes MegunoLink to immediately run scheduled reporting. Configured reports are generated using the report configuration for each visualizer. The SAVE command has no arguments.


{REPORT|SAVE}: generate configured visualizer reports.

Enable Command

The ENABLE command is used to enable or disable scheduled reporting according to the command data argument. Scheduled reporting is enabled when the command data is T and disabled when it is F.


{REPORT|ENABLE|T}: turn on scheduled reporting.
{REPORT|ENABLE|F}: turn off scheduled reporting.

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