MegunoLink’s Property Table visualizer lists name/value pairs in a table. MegunoLink continuously looks at data in the serial stream from your Arduino for specially formatted commands to populate the table. The Property Table visualizer is useful for:

  • Displaying current settings such as a temperature set-point
  • Reporting state, such as battery voltage or motor direction
  • Providing a summary of the last action your program took such as the speed and motor direction a linear stage was moved

Each row of a table lists a name, value and description. MegunoLink identifies each row by its name. So when you want to update the row, you supply the name and a new value and/or description:

Table Visualizer

The table visualizer can be used to display summary information and status updates from your Arduino project.

There are two methods to send data to the Property Table visualizer from an Arduino sketch:

  1. Using Serial.print(…) to create and send raw commands
  2. Use the table visualiser functions in our MegunoLink Arduino library

Using our Arduino library is the easiest method. Refer to the Table Message Reference if you’d prefer to send raw commands.

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