The TrackBarWithIndicator is a control that lets you select a value from a range using either a track-bar or linked numeric control. The linked numeric control can be hidden if you wish (see ShowNumericValues property). The TrackBarWithIndicator control can send a message to a connected device whenever the value changes and be updated by commands sent from your Arduino sketch.

TrackBarWithIndicator control properties
Property Access Type Method Description
Orientation Design-only Orientation Sets whether the control is horizontal with the numeric value on the right or vertical with the numeric value below the slider
ShowNumericValues Design-only bool Hides/shows the attached numeric control
TickFrequency Design-only Integer Sets the number of positions between each tick mark. A tick mark is drawn for every position when TickFrequency is 1, and every 10th position is drawn when it is 10.
TickStyle Design-only TickStyle Sets the location where ticks marks are drawn on the control. Top/left draws tick marks above/left of the thumb for horizontal/vertical orientation; bottom/right draws tick marks below/right of the thumb for horizontal/vertical orientation. Both puts tick marks both above/left and below/right of the thumb
DelaySendingChanges Design-only bool When true, change messages are sent when the mouse button is released. Otherwise value changes are sent as the track-bar slider is moved
LargeChange Design-only Integer Sets the distance that the slider moves when clicking beside the thumb
SmallChange Design-only Integer Sets the distance that the value changes when using cursor keys (, ) to move the thumb
Value Read/write Integer SetNumber The current value of control
Minimum Read/write Integer SetMinimum Sets the minimum value of the control
Maximum Read/write Integer SetMaximum Sets the maximum value of the control
ValueChangedCommandName Design-only string The command message to send, if any, to a connected serial device when the value is changed

This control also supports all the common control properties.

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