MegunoLink comes pre-configured with support for programming a number of devices using a serial port or in-circuit serial programmers. Please contact us if you don’t see your device listed here; we may be able to add it easily.

Serial Bootloader

A serial/USB port is one of the easiest ways to program an Arduino. We currently support the serial bootloader on these standard Arduino devices:

  • Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Duemilanove w/ATmega328
  • Arduino Mega 2560 or Mega ADK
  • Arduino Mini w/Atmega328
  • Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V, 8MHz) w/ATmega328

MegunoLink includes a flag to disable automatically erasing the device during programming. This means any settings stored in the EEPROM will be retained when the device is programmed.

We also include support for a number of custom bootloaders based on Optiboot. The table below lists the parameters that MegunoLink supplies to AVRDude for programming these devices.

Description Part Protocol Baud Rate
ATMega1280 atmega1280 arduino 57600
Mega Pro 2560 (8MHz, Arduino Compatible) atmega2560 wiring 57600
ATmega328p atmega328p arduino 57600
ATmega644p atmega644p arduino 57600

In Circuit Serial Programmer (ISP/ICSP)

MegunoLink can use the AVR MkII, AVR Dragon ISP, or Arduino ISP to program the following devices:

  • ATtiny88
  • ATmega644p
  • ATmega328p
  • ATmega2560

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