MegunoLink’s Monitor Visualizer is similar to the Arduino’s Serial Montor window. It shows you all the serial data received from the serial connection and lets you send commands to the Arduino.

Check out our Message Monitor visualizer if for a tool that filters Arduino serial data.

Monitor visualizer

Raw serial data monitor visualizer. Received data is shown in black; sent data in orange.

Like most of MegunoLink’s visualizers, select the connection you want to monitor using the connection drop-down on the visualizer’s toolbar. You can have as many Monitor visualizers as you like, each one monitoring a different serial connection.

The monitor window shows received data in black and sent data in orange. Turn on auto-scroll (auto-scroll button) and the window will automatically scroll to the bottom whenever new data is received. You can also double-click the buffer window to turn on auto-scroll.

See Serial Monitoring Overview for more information on sending commands, displaying time-stamps and copy the serial data.

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