The Visualizer is the centerpiece of the MegunoLink interface. They are literally windows on your data. Whether it comes from a serial port, Ethernet UDP or XBee connection, MegunoLink’s visualizers decode messages and presents the data to you as a graph, table, map or as raw data.

Selection of MegunoLink visualizers

MegunoLink visualizers provide literal windows on your data. Here an interface panel (top-left), table (middle-left), monitor (bottom-left) and time-plot (right).

Creating Visualizers

There are three ways to open a new Visualizer; pick whichever one is most convenient to you. Create a new visualizer by selecting it from the:

  1. Start page that appears when you open MegunoLink
  2. Visualizer menu on the main toolbar
  3. Visualizer toolbox, normally docked to the right side of the MegunoLink window. Click the pin on the toolbox title bar and the toolbox will collapse to free up screen space. If you close the toolbox, you can get it back again by clicking the Visualizer button on the main toolbar
Create a new visualizer

Open a new visualizer using the Start page (left), Visualizer menu (center), or Visualizer toolbox (right).

Organizing Visualizers

Open as many visualizers as you like and organize them within the MegunoLink window by grabbing the visualizer tab title and dragging it. Visualizers can be docked next to each other, or on top of each other to create the layout that’s most convenient for your project. Visualizer tabs can be renamed to help you keep track of the information they display.

Visualizer Tools

Each visualizer has a toolbar with relevant tools. Some tools are common across most visualizers including the source selector and channel selector.

MegunoLink can open connections to many different devices at the same time. The source selector tool chooses which source each visualizer will use for the data it displays. Click the button to open/close the connection to a source and the arrow at the end of the button to choose the active source. Use the connection manager to configure and manage the available sources.

Many visualizers support channels. Channels are “virtual” connections to a single device that group common data together. They let a single Arduino send data to several different graphs, tables or message monitors withing MegunoLink.

The channel selector allows you to choose the channels a visualizer will include. By default, all channels are included. Select the channels you want to include using the channel selector.

Visualizer tools

The source selector (left) lets you choose which connection a visualizer uses as a data source. The channel selector (right) lets you select the channels to include from the source.

Sending data to Visualizers

Visualizers receive data from the serial stream by looking for messages in a specific format. For example, a time-plot will look for messages like {TIMEPLOT:Battery|data|Voltage|T|12.2}.

Our Arduino library provides tools to format and send these special messages for you. Refer to the documentation for each visualizer for more details.

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